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Nome #
Mass Determination of Black Holes in LMC X-1 and Nova MUSCAE 1991 from Their High-Energy Spectra 136
Correlations between Kilohertz Quasi-periodic Oscillations and Low-Frequency Features Attributed to Radial Oscillations and Diffusive Propagation in the Viscous Boundary Layer around a Neutron Star 135
Kilohertz Quasi-periodic Oscillations in Neutron Star Binaries Modeled as Keplerian Oscillations in a Rotating Frame of Reference 123
Black Hole Mass of the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source M82 X-1 120
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X-Ray Spectral Formation in a Converging Fluid Flow: Spherical Accretion into Black Holes 117
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A New Comptonization Model for Weakly Magnetized, Accreting Neutron Stars in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries 116
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Three Type I X-Ray Bursts from Cygnus X-2: Application of Analytical Models for Neutron Star Mass and Radius Determination 111
Power Spectra of Black Holes and Neutron Stars as a Probe of Hydrodynamic Structure of the Source: Diffusion Theory and Its Application to Cygnus X-1 and Cygnus X-2 X-Ray Observations 111
Comptonization Models and Spectroscopy of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Sources: A Combined Study by Monte Carlo and Analytical Methods 110
Downscattering Due to Wind Outflows in Compact X-Ray Sources: Theory and Interpretation 110
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An Upscattering Spectral Formation Model for the Prompt Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts 110
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δ-Invariant for Quasi-periodic Oscillations and Physical Parameters of the 4U 0614+09 Binary 105
The Global Normal Disk Oscillations and the Persistent Low-Frequency Quasi-periodic Oscillations in X-Ray Binaries 105
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Phase Difference and Coherence as Diagnostics of Accreting Compact Sources 105
Spectral Index and Quasi-Periodic Oscillation Frequency Correlation in Black Hole Sources: Observational Evidence of Two Phases and Phase Transition in Black Holes 104
Timing Spectroscopy of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the Low-Mass X-Ray Neutron Star Binaries 104
On the stability of the thermal Comptonization index in neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries in their different spectral states 104
Average hard X-ray emission from NS LMXBs: observational evidence of different spectral states in NS LMXBs 103
The Bursting Behavior of 4U 1728-34: The Parameters of a Neutron Star and the Geometry of a Neutron Star-Disk System 103
The Extended Power Law as an Intrinsic Signature for a Black Hole 103
Determination of Black Hole Masses in Galactic Black Hole Binaries Using Scaling of Spectral and Variability Characteristics 103
Observational Signatures of Black Holes: Spectral and Temporal Features of XTE J1550-564 103
Possible physical explanation of the intrinsic E p, i-"intensity" correlation commonly used to "standardize" GRBs 102
Comptonization signatures in the prompt emission of Gamma Ray Bursts 101
Kilohertz Quasi-periodic Intensity Oscillations from 4U 1636-536 101
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Millisecond X-Ray Variability from an Accreting Neutron Star System 100
On the specta of X-ray bursters: Expansion and contraction stages 99
Do the Spectra of Soft X-Ray Transients Reveal Bulk-Motion Inflow Phenomenon? 99
Time Variation of Emissions from Comptonization Sources 99
Rayleigh-Taylor Gravity Waves and Quasi-periodic Oscillation Phenomena in X-Ray Binaries 98
Outflows near an Accreting Black Hole: Ionization and Temperature Structures 98
On the Constancy of the Photon Index of X-Ray Spectra of 4U 1728-34 through All Spectral States 98
Time Resolved Spectra of GRBs Simultaneously Detected with BATSE andBeppoSAXWFCs 98
BeppoSAX Observations of the Power and Energy Spectral Evolution in the Black Hole Candidate XTE J1650-500 98
On the Nonrelativistic Origin of Red-skewed Iron Lines in Cataclysmic Variable, Neutron Star, and Black Hole Sources 97
A Proposed Italian Contribution for the Mirax Scientific Payload 97
Formation of X-ray spectra in close binary systems - Reflection effects 96
Disk Diffusion Propagation Model for the Outburst of XTE J1118+480 96
On the pair-instability supernovae and gamma-ray burst phenomenon 96
Mechanisms for High-Frequency Quasi-periodic Oscillations in Neutron Star and Black Hole Binaries 96
On the Nature of the Flux Variability during an Expansion Stage of a Type I X-Ray Burst: Constraints on Neutron Star Parameters for 4U 1820-30 96
Power-Law Spectra as a Result of Comptonization of the Soft Radiation in a Plasma Cloud 95
The Converging Inflow Spectrum Is an Intrinsic Signature for a Black Hole: Monte Carlo Simulations of Comptonization on Free-falling Electrons 94
Supergiant Fast X-Ray Transients: Swift Results and Theoretical Progress 94
Spectral Properties of Accretion Disks around Galactic and Extragalactic Black Holes 93
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Implication of the Observed Spectral Cutoff Energy Evolution in XTE J1550-564 93
Testing a Scale-independent Method to Measure the Mass of Black Holes 93
Effects of Downscattering on the Continuum and Line Spectra in a Powerful Wind Environment: Monte Carlo Simulations, Analytical Results, and Data Analysis 93
On the Nature of the Compact Object in SS 433: Observational Evidence of X-ray Photon Index Saturation 91
Power-Law Tails from Dynamical Comptonization in Converging Flows 89
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Evidence for a Neutron Star in the non-pulsating massive X-ray binary 4U2206+54 88
Hard X-rays from NGC 4151: A thermal origin? 87
How to Distinguish Neutron Star and Black Hole X-Ray Binaries? Spectral Index and Quasi-Periodic Oscillation Frequency Correlation 87
Effects of Resonance in Quasi-periodic Oscillators of Neutron Star Binaries 87
Normal-Branch Quasi-periodic Oscillations in Scorpius X-1: Viscous Oscillations of a Spherical Shell Near the Neutron Star 84
Spectral Index as a Function of Mass Accretion Rate in Black Hole Sources: Monte Carlo Simulations and an Analytical Description 83
Implementation of a public BeppoSAX GRBM online catalogue and scientific exploitation of the GRBM data archive 77
s M82 X-1 Really an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole? X-Ray Spectral and Timing Evidence 75
Comptonization of X-rays in plasma cloud. Typical radiation spectra 68
Spherical accretion onto neutron stars and black holes 67
Comprehensive Analysis of RXTE Data from Cygnus X-1: Spectral Index-Quasi-Periodic Oscillation Frequency-Luminosity Correlations 66
A Chandra View of NGC 3621: A Bulgeless Galaxy Hosting an AGN in Its Early Phase? 62
Discovery of Red-skewed K α Iron Line in Cyg X-2 with Suzaku 61
Soft Phase Lags in the Millisecond X-Ray Pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658 59
Comptonization of low-frequency radiation in accretion disks Angular distribution and polarization of hard radiation 58
B-Field Determination from Magnetoacoustic Oscillations in Kilohertz Quasi-periodic Oscillation Neutron Star Binaries: Theory and Observations 57
Reflection and reprocessing of X-ray source radiation by the atmosphere of the normal star in a binary system 55
On the distance and mass-radius relation of neutron stars in X-ray burst sources 50
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