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 Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 5.843
EU - Europa 2.252
AS - Asia 1.116
SA - Sud America 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
OC - Oceania 1
Totale 9.226
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 5.832
CN - Cina 742
IT - Italia 602
UA - Ucraina 579
TR - Turchia 353
SE - Svezia 301
DE - Germania 276
GB - Regno Unito 228
FI - Finlandia 131
FR - Francia 42
NL - Olanda 15
BE - Belgio 13
CA - Canada 10
ES - Italia 10
CH - Svizzera 7
HU - Ungheria 7
PL - Polonia 7
BR - Brasile 6
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
RU - Federazione Russa 6
RO - Romania 5
HK - Hong Kong 4
JP - Giappone 4
EU - Europa 3
HR - Croazia 3
LT - Lituania 3
PE - Perù 3
SG - Singapore 3
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 2
GR - Grecia 2
IN - India 2
MD - Moldavia 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
AL - Albania 1
AT - Austria 1
AU - Australia 1
DK - Danimarca 1
GE - Georgia 1
IL - Israele 1
IM - Isola di Man 1
IR - Iran 1
KR - Corea 1
MX - Messico 1
PH - Filippine 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
VA - Santa Sede (Città del Vaticano) 1
Totale 9.226
Città #
Woodbridge 747
Jacksonville 668
Fairfield 649
Chandler 501
Houston 389
Ann Arbor 336
Ashburn 296
Wilmington 265
Izmir 250
Cambridge 218
Seattle 202
Nanjing 200
Addison 193
Princeton 139
Beijing 138
Boardman 91
Ferrara 68
San Diego 63
Milan 61
Nanchang 60
Shenyang 56
Tianjin 43
Hebei 36
Changsha 33
Jiaxing 30
Shanghai 27
Jinan 25
Bremen 24
Mountain View 24
New York 23
Norwalk 21
Redwood City 19
Bologna 18
Indiana 18
Rome 18
Auburn Hills 17
Zhengzhou 15
Falls Church 14
Dearborn 13
Kunming 13
San Mateo 13
Turin 13
London 12
Trento 12
Orange 11
Taizhou 11
Brussels 10
Los Angeles 10
Padova 10
Verona 10
Ningbo 9
Chioggia 8
Modena 8
Parma 8
Venezia 8
Changchun 7
Des Moines 7
Florence 7
Philadelphia 7
Guangzhou 6
Pisa 6
Tappahannock 6
Ceska 5
Hangzhou 5
Lanzhou 5
Madrid 5
Washington 5
Bari 4
Budapest 4
Cagliari 4
Forlì 4
Haikou 4
Melito Di Napoli 4
Portsmouth 4
Qingdao 4
Redmond 4
Reggio Emilia 4
Riolo Terme 4
Torino 4
Usmate Velate 4
Warsaw 4
Augusta 3
Bordeaux 3
Crotone 3
Dallas 3
Helsinki 3
Klaipeda 3
Lima 3
Ottawa 3
Palermo 3
Perugia 3
Pleasantville 3
Québec 3
Recife 3
San Francisco 3
Venice 3
Wageningen 3
Wuhan 3
Ancona 2
Andover 2
Totale 6.356
Nome #
Biologia ed ecologia di una specie alloctona, il siluro (Silurus glanis L.) (Osteichthyes, Siluridae) nella parte terminale del fiume Po 296
Chromosomal mapping of 18S-28S and 5S rRNA genes by two-colour fluorescent in situ hybridization in six sturgeon species 155
The Ecofunctional Quality Index (EQI): a new tool for assessing lagoonal ecosystem impairment. 131
Estimating clam recruitment potential in a nursery area in the Sacca di Goro lagoon (Italy) 121
Crisi distrofiche e variazioni della associazione a bivalvi in una Sacca del Delta del Po 121
Serotonergic neurotransmission in the bivalve Venus verrucosa (Veneridae): a neurochemical and immunohistochemical study of the visceral ganglion and gonads 120
The use of AFLP in sturgeon identification 116
Mitochondrial variability of sand smelt Atherina boyeri populations from north Mediterranean coastal lagoons 114
Karyotype characterization of the stellate sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus by chromosome banding and fluorescent in situ hybridization 114
An update of the length–weight and length–age relationships of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla, Linnaeus 1758) in the Comacchio Lagoon, northeast Adriatic Sea, Italy 112
The ecological status of Karavasta Lagoon (Albania): closing the stable door before the horse has bolted? 111
Identification of interspecific hybrids by amplified fragment length polymorphism: the case of sturgeon 107
Long-term records (1781-2013) of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) production in the Comacchio Lagoon (Italy): Evaluation of local and global factors as causes of the population collapse 107
Distribuzione del Gambero rosso della Louisiana nel Delta del Po 106
A comparative analysis of three habitat suitability models for commercial yield estimation of Tapes philippinarum in a North Adriatic coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy) 103
null 101
Structure and secondary production of a soft bottom macrobenthic community in a brackish lagoon (Sacca di Goro, north-eastern Italy) 101
Immunolocalization of steroidogenic enzymes in gonads of European eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.) 100
Molecular cytogenetic analysis of the karyotype of the European Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser sturio 100
Taxonomic sufficiency in lagoonal ecosystems 100
Recovery of the macrobenthic community in the Valli di Comacchio, northern Adriatic Sea, Italy. 99
The Historical and Contemporary Status of the European Sturgeon, Acipenser sturio L., in Italy 99
Response of macrobenthic communities to an hydraulic intervention in an enclosed lagoon (Valle di Gorino, northern Italy) 98
A GIS-based habitat suitability model for commercial yield estimation of Tapes philippinarum in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy) 97
Temporal and spatial changes in the composition and structure of helminth component communities in European eels Anguilla anguilla in an Adriatic coastal lagoon and some freshwaters in Italy 95
Variability in macrobenthos communities in the Valli di Comacchio, northern Italy, a hypereutrophized lagoonal ecosystem 95
Sediment organic matter and its nutritional quality: a short-term experiment with two exotic bivalve species 94
Gonad differentiation and body growth in Anguilla anguilla L. 93
Redundancy of macrobenthos from lagoonal habitats in the Adriatic Sea 93
Chromosome banding in sturgeons 90
Trade-off between conservation and exploitation of the transitional water ecosystems of the northern Adriatic Sea 90
Life cycles and feeding habits of Syngnathus taenionotus and S. abaster (Pisces, Syngnathidae) in a brackish bay of the Po River Delta (Adriatic Sea) 90
Disturbance of a soft-sediment meiobenthic community by clam hand raking 90
null 90
Response of a Fuzzy Index of Ecosystem integrity (FINE) to water and sedimentary chemical data in two northern Adriatic lagoons 89
Structure and production of the benthic macroinvertebrate community in a shallow lagoon of the Po River Delta 86
Slow Rates of Evolution and Sequence Homogenization in an Ancient Satellite DNA Family of Sturgeons 86
Macrofaunal secondary production in a lagoon of the Po River Delta: an evaluation of estimation methods 85
Taxonomic distinctness and diversity measures: responses in lagoonal macrobenthic communities 82
Sexual maturation and larval development of the immigrant Asian date mussel, Musculista senhousia, in a Po River deltaic lagoon 80
Levels of taxonomic resolution and choice of transformation sufficient to detect community gradients: an approach to hard-substrata benthic studies 80
null 80
Chromosomal location and evolution of a satellite DNA family in seven sturgeon species. 79
Karyotypic characterization of the great sturgeon, Huso huso, by multiple staining techniques and fluorescent in situ hybridization 79
Growth and Production of the Ark Shell Scapharca inaequivalvis (Bruguiere) in a Lagoon of the Po River Delta. 76
An integrated approach to the conservation and management of the European eel in the mediterranean region: immunolocalization of steroidogenic enzymes during sex differentiation 76
Invertebrate colonisation of GAC filters in a potabilisation plant treating groundwater 73
Histopathology of the alimentary canal of Anguilla anguilla L. associated with digenetic trematodes: a light and electron microscopic study 73
Temporal trends in macrobenthic community structure and redundancy in a shallow coastal lagoon (Valli di Comacchio, northern Adriatic Sea). 71
Impact of a Tapes philippinarum farming on nutrient dynamics and benthic respiration in the Sacca di Goro 71
Etablished cell lines from three sturgeon species. 70
La risoluzione tassonomica nelle indagini di monitoraggio negli ambienti deltizi: l'esempio della Sacca degli Scardovari 70
Complementarità strutturale e funzionale della macrofauna bentonica in una laguna altoadriatica (Sacca di Goro) 69
null 69
Crescita di maschi argentini di anguilla (Anguilla anguilla) L.) in allevamento intensivo 68
Diversità Funzionale del Comparto bentonico di canali del Bosco della Mesola 67
Relazioni fra struttura delle comunità ad artropodi e tipologie di habitat nel paesaggio agricolo del Mezzano (FE) 66
Comunità ad Invertebrati 66
Fluorescent in situ hybridization with rDNA probes on chromosomes of Acipenser ruthenus and Acipenser naccarii (Osteichthyes Acipenseriformes) 66
Caratteristiche ecofisiologiche di Ruditapes philippinarum nella Sacca di Goro 65
Acanthocephalan infections in Atherina boyeri (Pisces: Atherinidae) from Tirso 65
Introduzione di specie ittiche alloctone e declino delle specie ittiche autoctone nel delta del Po. 65
Macrobenthic communities of Comacchio Saltworks: a four-years study 65
Decomposition dynamics of the bloom forming macroalga Ulva rigida C. Agardh determined using a 14C-carbon radio-tracer technique 64
The spread of an alien bivalve (Musculista senhousia) in the Sacca di Goro lagoon (Adriatic Sea, Italy) 64
null 64
Fossilised DNA: a new marker for reconstructing the fate of archeological material retrieved from the sea 63
MIPAF 6A77: Valutazione della risorsa Tapes philippinarum in Alto Adriatico: localizzazione e potenzialità produttiva delle aree di nursery naturale 62
I canali di bonifica del Delta del Po: un sistema sperimentale per la validazione del Riverine Productivity Model 61
Occurrence of larval Acanthocephalus anguillae (Acanthocephala) in the Asellus aquaticus (Crustacea, Isopoda) from the River Brenta 61
Prima segnalazione e distribuzione di rodeo amaro, Rhodeus seiceus (Pallas, 1776), Osteichthyes Cypriniformes, nelle acque interne della provincia di Ferrara 61
Cytogenetic characterization of cell lines from three sturgeon species 60
Nutrient removal in vegetated and unvegetated canals in the Po river delta. Ferrara, Northern Italy 60
Karyotypic characterization of Acipenser gueldenstaedti with C-, AgNO3, and fluorescence banding techniques 60
Rodlet cells and other inflammatory cells of Phoxinus phoxinus infected with Raphidascaris acus (Nematoda) 58
Dominance of allochtonous species in the fish community of the Po River delta, Northern Italy 58
Immunolocalization of androgen receptors in early and immature testis of Anguilla anguilla (L.) 57
Fine structure of the envelope surrounding the cystacanth of Acanthocephalus clavula (Acanthocephala) in its intermediate host Echinogammarus stammeri (Amphipoda) 57
The use of RAPD markers to identify strawberry varieties: a forensic application 56
Master Plan, comparto biotico: realizzazione di un G.I.S. per la gestione dell’area del Parco Regionale del Delta del Po 56
Controllo e stoccaggio del gambero rosso della Louisiana 56
Analisi di lungo termine del macrobenthos in una laguna nord-adriatica e ipotesi sulla resistenza della comunità 55
On the crustacean hosts of larval acanthocephalan parasites of fishes from a coastal lagoon of River Po Delta 54
The ultrastructure of the capsule surrounding Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala) in its intermediate host Echinogammarus stammeri (Amphipoda) 54
Localization of the repetitive telomeric sequence (TTAGGG)(n) in four sturgeon species 53
Probing behaviour of Myzus persicae on tomato plants containing Mi gene or BTH-treated evaluated by electrical penetration graph 53
Fish inflammatory cells and their responses to helminth parasites 52
Qualità trofica del sedimento e biodepositi: ruolo di 2 bivalvi alloctoni 52
Impatto sulla comunità macrobentonica di differenti tipologie di rastrello per la raccolta della vongola Ruditapes philippinarum 52
Variazioni spaziali e temporali dei parametri idrochimici e della biomassa algale nel bacino lagunare Valle Fattibello-Spavola 52
Echinogammarus stammeri (Amphipoda) as an intermediate host for Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala) parasite of fishes from the Brenta River 52
Osservazioni istologiche sul tratto digerente di Acipenser naccarii (Bonaparte) del fiume Po infestato da Leptorhyncoides plagicephalus (Acantocephala) 51
Progetto per lo studio e il monitoraggio di alcuni corsi d’acqua particolarmente pregiati e collegati a zone di tutela della fauna ittica 51
Struttura della comunità macrobentonica dello Scoglio delle Sirene (Scilla, Mar Tirreno) 50
- Indagine istologica sul tratto digerente di pesci infestati da acantocefali. 50
Helminth parasites of Anguilla anguilla from Comacchio lagoon (Italy), occurrence and histopathology 49
Indagine parassitologica su Acipenser naccarii (Osteichtyes, Acipenseriformes) del fiume Po infestato da Leptorhynchoides plagicephalus (Acanthocephala). 49
Stato trofico e qualità delle acque 49
Totale 8.087
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2018/2019694 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 169 525
2019/20201.925 391 50 92 268 97 217 132 190 116 235 97 40
2020/20211.367 129 146 65 154 64 157 21 182 18 177 184 70
2021/20221.493 28 137 92 266 39 53 38 61 56 108 137 478
2022/20231.204 138 17 36 134 247 185 34 124 157 14 73 45
2023/2024424 90 91 25 19 36 75 11 28 14 25 10 0
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