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MicroRNA-221 silencing attenuates the degenerated phenotype of intervertebral disc cells 219
Transcription factor decoy against NFATc1 in human primary osteoblasts 143
Silencing of Antichondrogenic MicroRNA-221 in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promotes Cartilage Repair In Vivo 137
Slug transcription factor and nuclear Lamin B1 are upregulated in osteoarthritic chondrocytes 134
Dedifferentiated Chondrocytes in Composite Microfibers As Tool for Cartilage Repair 129
Evaluation of chemokine and cytokine profiles in osteoblast progenitors from umbilical cord blood stem cells by BIO-PLEX technology. 127
In vitro stability of polymerase chain reaction-generated DNA fragments in serum and cell extracts 126
The regulation of cystathionine γ-lyase (CSE) gene expression in human primary osteoblasts from vertebral bone: a matter of gender? 125
Effect of dynamic three-dimensional culture on osteogenic potential of human periodontal ligament-derived mesenchymal stem cells entrapped in alginate microbeads 123
Osteogenic differentiation of human MSCs: Specific occupancy of the mitochondrial DNA by NFATc1 transcription factor 123
null 120
Design, preparation and characterization of alginate based microdevices for mesenchymal stem cell immunoisolation 119
Correlation between Slug transcription factor and miR-221 in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells 117
Establishment of a 3D-dynamic osteoblasts-osteoclasts co-culture model to simulate the jawbone microenvironment in vitro 117
"In vivo" local transfection of a cis element decoy mimicking an estrogen receptor alpha gene promoter region induces apoptosis of osteoclasts following application of orthodontic forces to rat teeth 117
Osteogenic potential of cells derived from nasal septum 116
Chondrogenic potential of slug-depleted human mesenchymal stem cells 115
Upregulation of the alternative splicing factor NOVA2 in colorectal cancer vasculature 115
null 114
Collagen type XV and the 'osteogenic status' 114
Mutations in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease 2 gene: Reduced expression of PKD2 protein in lymphoblastoid cells. 112
Novel splicing and missense mutations in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease 1 (PKD1) gene: expression of mutated genes. 111
Emerging potential of gene silencing approaches targeting anti-chondrogenic factors for cell-based cartilage repair 109
Vitamin K2 and Bone: Focus on Osteogenesis 109
Cis element "decoy"against the upstream promoter of the human estrogen receptor gene 109
N-arylpiperazine modified analogues of the P2X(7) receptor KN-62 antagonist are potent inducers of apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts 108
Modulation of gene expression in human osteoblasts by targeting a distal promoter region of human estrogen receptor-alpha gene 107
Modulation of estrogen receptor gene expression in human breast cancer cells: a decoy strategy with specific PCR-generated DNA fragments. 102
null 102
Peptide nucleic acids (PNA)-DNA chimeras targeting transcription factors as a tool to modify gene expression 102
Microencapsulation procedures for the immunoisolation of Wharton’s Jelly mesenchymal stem cells: A review 101
null 101
Slug contributes to the regulation of CXCL12 expression in human osteoblasts. 101
Expression of Estrogen Receptor a Gene in Breast Cancer Cells Treated with Transcription Factor Decoy is Modulated by Bangladeshi Natural Plant Extracts. 100
Menaquinone-4 enhances osteogenic potential of human Amniotic Fluid Mesenchymal Stem Cells cultured in 2D and 3D dynamic culture system 100
Role of Slug transcription factor in human mesenchymal stem cells 95
Human mesenchymal stem cells seeded on extracellular matrix scaffold: Viability and osteogenic potential 94
null 93
null 93
Lamin B partecipates in cartilage senescence and degeneration 93
The expression of cystathionine gamma-lyase is regulated by estrogen receptor alpha in human osteoblasts. 93
Modulation of estrogen receptor gene transcription in breast cancer cells by liposome delivered decoy molecules 92
Composite ECM-alginate microfibers produced by microfludics as scaffolds with biomineralisation potential 91
Encapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton's jelly in alginate microbeads 90
Culturing hMSCs and OBs under hypoxia in X3 Hypoxia hood and culture combo-Xvivo system 90
Influence of obstetric factors on osteogenic potential of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells. 89
null 88
Synthesis, characterization of strontium –bile acid salts and their bioactivity vs. the anti-osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate. 88
null 88
Induction of apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts treated with extracts from the medicinal plant Emblica officinalis 88
Enhanced chondrogenic potential of Slug and miR-221 depleted human MSCs. 88
SLUG/HIF1-α/miR-221 regulatory circuit in endometrial cancer 88
null 88
null 87
Induction of estrogen receptor alpha expression with decoy oligonul¿cleotide targeted to NFATc1 binding sites in osteoblast 86
null 86
Slug gene expression supports human osteoblast maturation. 83
null 82
null 82
Encapsulation of dedifferentiated nasal septal chondrocytes in alginate based scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering 79
Reciprocal Regulation of TRPS1 and miR-221 in Intervertebral Disc Cells 76
Methylation analysis of the promoter F of estrogen receptor alpha gene: effects on the level of transcription on human osteoblastic cells 72
Immunoelectron microscopic localization of Collagen type XV during human mesenchymal stem cells mineralization 72
ER alpha and AP-1 Interact In Vivo with a Specific Sequence of the F Promoter of the Human ER alpha Gene in Osteoblasts 71
Decellularized Wharton’s Jelly from human umbilical cord: a novel scaffold for tissue engineering 70
Correlation between Slug transcription factor and miR-221 in breast cancer cells 70
Direct transfection of PCR- generated DNA fragments into mammalian cells employing ethidium bromide indicator and ultrafiltration 70
Mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton's jelly: encapsulation in alginate microbeads and osteogenic differentiation 69
Human estrogen receptor alpha gene is a target of Runx2 transcription factor in osteoblasts. 69
"In vitro" generation of bone microenvironment to test breast cancer invasion. 68
Transcription factor decoy (TFD) as a novel approach for the control of osteoclastic resorption 67
Osteoblastic differentiation induced by transcription factor decoy against estrogen receptor alpha gene 66
Hypoxia preconditioning of human MSCs: a direct evidence of HIF-1α and Collagen type XV correlation 66
Local in vivo administration of a decoy oligonucleotide targeting NF-kappaB induces apoptosis of osteoclasts after application of orthodontic forces to rat teeth. 61
Induction of apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts treated with a transcription factor decoy mimicking a promoter region of estrogen receptor alpha 60
Production and Characterization of Alginate Microbeads for the Entrapment of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord 59
Cbfa1 transcription factor controls F promoter activity of human ER alpha gene in osteoblasts. 59
Double-stranded synthetic oligonucleotides useful for inducing apoptosis of osteoclasts for the treatment of osteopenic pathologies 59
Osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs in HARV bioreactor 57
Modulation of expression of specific transcription factors involved in the bone microenvironement 57
NFAT and bone desease: a possible "decoy" therapeutic approach. 56
Bioglass-based composite microparticles: design, production and in vitro characterization 55
Transcription factor decoy against promoter C of Estrogen Receptor alpha gene induces a functional ER alpha protein in breast cancer cells. 54
Runx2 transcription factor controls F promoter activity of human ERalpha gene in osteoblasts (OBs). 53
Double-stranded synthetic oligonucleotides useful for inducing apoptosis of osteoclasts for the treatment of osteopenic pathologies 53
Correlation between skeletal progenitor cells' fate,transcriptional regulatory networks and three-dimension culture condition 53
Induction of apoptosis of human osteoclasts by a decoy molecule against a negative regulator of Estrogen Receptor alpha trascription. 53
Expression of the human oestrogen receptor-a gene is regulated by promoter F in MG-63 osteoblastic cells 52
Induction of osteoclasts apoptosis by using a decoy oligodeoxynucleotide in vivo mimicking a region of distal promoter C of ER alpha gene. 51
Induction of apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts treated with a transcription factor decoy mimicking a promoter region of estrogen receptor alpha 50
null 50
Human osteoclasts from umbilical cord blood precursors are less prone to apoptotic stimuli than osteoclasts from peripheral blood 49
HARV Bioreactor for 3D culture of human mesenchymal stem cells 49
Human osteoclasts from umbilical cord blood are less prone to apoptotic stimuli than osteoclasts from peripheral blood 48
Human Osteoblasts and their progenitors: discovery of new molecular targets and support biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration. 47
null 47
Espressione e regolazione di SLUG in cellule osteoblastiche umane e loro precursori mesenchimali 44
ER-alpha and AP-1 control F promoter activity of human ER-alpha gene in osteoblasts 42
null 42
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