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BE - Belgio 102
FR - Francia 67
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IN - India 28
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Taiyuan 7
Washington 7
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Florence 6
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Hanover 5
Malo 5
Minerbio 5
Rochester 5
Shaoxing 5
Yellow Springs 5
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Calvisano 4
Castagnole delle Lanze 4
Duncan 4
Lima 4
Louvain 4
Mülheim-kärlich 4
Nutley 4
Palermo 4
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Nome #
Correction of the Exon 2 Duplication in DMD Myoblasts by a Single CRISPR/Cas9 System 297
Ricerche metodologiche sul dosaggio del cofattore Ristocetinico per la diagnosi di morbo di von Willebrand. 203
Are Plasma Levels of Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 Associated Both with Cerebral Microbleeds in Multiple Sclerosis and Intracerebral Haemorrhages in Stroke? 179
Exploring Splicing-Switching Molecules For Seckel Syndrome Therapy 171
Regulation of a strong F9 cryptic 5'ss by intrinsic elements and by combination of tailored U1snRNAs with antisense oligonucleotides 162
An exon-specific U1snRNA induces a robust factor IX activity in mice expressing multiple human FIX splicing mutants 158
C6orf10 low-frequency and rare variants in italian multiple sclerosis patients 157
Combinations of 4 mutations (FV R506Q, FVH1299R, FVY1702C, PT 20210G/A) affecting the prothrombinase complex in a thrombophilic family 150
Moderate alcohol intake and hemostatic and inflammatory markers in middle-aged women: a controlled study 148
Stimulation of P2 (P2X7) receptors in human dendritic cells induces the release of tissue factor-bearing microparticles. 140
Differential functional readthrough over homozygous nonsense mutations contributes to the bleeding phenotype in coagulation factor VII deficiency 140
Activated factor VII-antithrombin complex predicts mortality in patients with stable coronary artery disease: a cohort study 138
An engineered tale-transcription factor rescues transcription of factor VII impaired by promoter mutations and enhances its endogenous expression in hepatocytes 136
Hemostasis biomarkers in multiple sclerosis 136
The carboxyl-terminal region is NOT essential for secreted and functional levels of coagulation factor X 135
Polymorphisms at LDLR locus may be associated with coronary artery disease through modulation of coagulation factor VIII activity and independently from lipid profile. 134
Psychiatric disorder in a familial 15;18 translocation and sublocalization of myelin basic protein of 18q22.3 132
Factor XI rs2036914 gene polymorphism and occurrence of adverse events after percutaneous coronary intervention. A prospective evaluation. 131
An integrated genomic-transcriptomic approach supports a role for the proto-oncogene BCL3 in atherosclerosis 131
Tissue factor and coagulation factor VII levels during acute myocardial infarction: association with genotype and adverse events. 129
Analisi dei multimeri del fattore von Willebrand mediante doppia immunoprecipitazione dopo elettroforesi su gel di agarosio. 129
Specific factor IX mRNA and protein features favor drug-induced readthrough over recurrent nonsense mutations 129
High-density lipoprotein cholesterol is associated with multiple sclerosis fatigue: A fatigue-metabolism nexus? 126
null 125
null 121
A highly polymorphic microsatellite in the factor V gene is an informative tool for the study of factor V-related disorders 120
Genetic determinants of activated factor VII antithrombin complex plasma concentration include tissue factor, factor VII and endothelial protein C receptor gene variants 119
Chronic sleep deprivation markedly reduces coagulation factor VII expression 117
Plasma levels of soluble NCAM in multiple sclerosis 117
Characterization and mapping of the 5′ portion of von Willebrand factor pseudogene 115
U1snRNA-mediated rescue of mRNA processing in severe factor VII deficiency 115
Calmodulin expression distinguishes the smooth muscle cell population of human carotid plaque 115
Responsiveness of hemophilia B- causing non sense mutations to ribosome readthrough-inducing drugs strictly depends on the nucleotide and prrotein context 115
Characterization of a deleted Y chromosome in a male with Turner stigmata 115
Circadian rhythms in mouse blood coagulation 113
The dominant-negative von Willebrand factor gene deletion p.P1105_C1926delinsR: molecular mechanism and modulation. 113
Better or worse than the original 112
Activation of a cryptic splice site in a potentially lethal coagulation defect accounts for a functional protein variant 111
U1-snRNA-mediated rescue of mRNA processing in severe factor VII deficiency 111
Major differences in bleeding symptoms between factor VII deficiency and hemophilia B. 110
How to evaluate phenotype-genotype relationship in rare coagulation haemorrhagic disorders: examples from FVII deficiency 110
Changes in expression profiles of internal jugular vein wall and plasma protein levels in multiple sclerosis 110
Asymmetric processing of mutant factor X Arg386Cys reveals differences between intrinsic and extrinsic pathway activation 110
null 109
Natural and engineered carboxy-terminal variants: decreased secretion and gain-of-function result in asymptomatic coagulation factor VII deficiency 109
The carboxyl-terminal region is not essential for secreted and functional levels of coagulation factor X 109
The F11 rs2289252 polymorphism is associated with FXI activity levels and APTT ratio in women with thrombosis 109
Molecular defects in CRM+ factor VII deficiencies: modelling of missense mutations in the catalytic domain of FVII 109
Temporal variations of coagulation factor VII activity in mice are influenced by lighting regime 108
Polymorphisms in the factor VII gene and the risk of myocardial infarction in patients with coronary artery disease. 108
Variation of factor VII 140s and 170s loops in fishes: evolutionary aspects and comparison with mutations found in FVII deficiency 108
The heterozygous 20210 G/A prothrombin genotype is associated with early venous thrombosis in inherited thrombophilias and is not increased in frequency in artery disease 108
Factor II Activity is Similarly Increased in Patients With Elevated Apolipoprotein CIII and in Carriers of the Factor II 20210A Allele 108
Angiotensin-converting enzyme insertion/deletion polymorphism and risk of restenosis after directional coronary atherectomy followed by stent implantation 108
The effectiveness of Robot-Assisted Gait Training versus conventional therapy on mobility in severely disabled progressIve MultiplE sclerosis patients (RAGTIME): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 108
A novel mutation (Leu817Pro) causing type 2A von Willebrand disease. 107
Membrane binding and anticoagulant properties of protein S natural variants. 107
An exon-specific U1 small nuclear RNA (snRNA) strategy to correct splicing defects 107
A frequent human coagulation Factor VII mutation (A294V, c152) in loop 140s affects the interaction with activators, tissue factor and substrates. 106
A heparin cofactor II mutation (HCII Rimini) combined with factor V Leiden or type I protein C deficiency in two unrelated thrombophilic subjects 105
Effective Hemostasis During Minor Surgery in a Case of Hereditary Combined Deficiency of Vitamin K-dependent Clotting Factors. 105
Residual factor VII activity and different hemorrhagic phenotypes in CRM+ factor VII deficiencies (Gly331Ser and Gly283Ser) 105
Detection and characterization of polymorphic markers in the factor-VII gene. 105
Partial Gene Deletion in a Family with Factor X Deficiency 105
Rescue of coagulation factor VII function by the U1+5A snRNA 104
null 103
PvuII RFLP inside the human estrogen receptor gene. 103
RNA-based therapeutic approaches for coagulation factor deficiencies 103
Molecular bases of type II protein S deficiency: the I203-D204 deletion in the EGF4 domain alters GLA domain function 101
FV multiallelic marker detects genetic components of APC resistance contributing to venous thromboembolism in FV Leiden carriers 101
Predictive value of D-dimer test for recurrent venous thromboembolism after anticoagulation withdrawal in subjects with a previous idiopathic event and in carriers of congenital thrombophilia 101
Factor XII gene alteration in Hageman trait detected by TaqI restriction enzyme 101
null 100
Influence of polymorphisms in the factor VII gene promoter on activated factor VII levels and on the risk of myocardial infarction in advanced coronary atherosclerosis 100
Daily and circadian rhythms of tissue factor pathway inhibitor and factor VII activity 100
Ribosome readthrough accounts for secreted full-length factor IX in hemophilia B patients with nonsense mutations 100
null 100
The chaperone-like sodium phenylbutyrate improves factor IX intracellular trafficking and activity impaired by the frequent p.R294Q mutation 100
Combined effect of hemostatic gene polymorphisms and the risk of myocardial infarction in patients with advanced coronary atherosclerosis. 99
Asymptomatic carriership of factor V Leiden and genotypes of the fibrinogen gene cluster 99
Mutation pattern in clinically asymptomatic coagulation factor VII deficiency 99
Phytochemical Analysis and Cytotoxicity Towards Multidrug-Resistant Leukemia Cells of Essential Oils Derived from Lebanese Medicinal Plants 98
Characterization of anti-coagulant properties of prenylated coumarin ferulenol. 97
Factor VII mutant V154G models a zymogen-like form of factor VIIa 97
Tissue Factor and Coagulation Factor VII Levels during Acute Myocardial Infarction Contribute to Predict Mortality and re-infarction. 97
null 96
Assignment of human coagulation factor XII (fXII) to chromosome 5 by cDNA hybridization to DNA from somatic cell hybrids 96
Functional properties of factor V and factor Va encoded by the R2 gene 96
Impaired prothrombinase activity of factor X Gly381 Asp results in severe familial CRM+ FX deficiency 96
A polymorphism in the 5′ region of coagulation factor VII gene (F7) caused by an inserted decanucleotide 96
The carboxyl-terminal region of human coagulation factor X as a natural linker for fusion strategies 96
null 96
null 95
Increased frequency of the homozygous II ACE genotype in Italian Olympic endurance athletes 95
Influence of 9p21.3 Genetic Variants on Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes in Early-Onset Myocardial Infarction 95
Relationship between paraoxonase Q192R gene polymorphism and on-clopidogrel platelet reactivity over time in patients treated with percutaneous coronary intervention 95
Intracellular evaluation of ER targeting elucidates a mild form of inherited coagulation deficiency 95
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