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NA - Nord America 2.802
EU - Europa 951
AS - Asia 307
OC - Oceania 10
SA - Sud America 5
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
AF - Africa 1
Totale 4.078
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.790
IT - Italia 296
CN - Cina 200
PL - Polonia 192
DE - Germania 117
SE - Svezia 117
UA - Ucraina 69
TR - Turchia 68
GB - Regno Unito 64
FI - Finlandia 23
AT - Austria 22
VN - Vietnam 19
FR - Francia 18
BE - Belgio 10
CA - Canada 10
IE - Irlanda 8
JP - Giappone 7
NL - Olanda 7
AU - Australia 6
IR - Iran 4
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 4
RO - Romania 4
BR - Brasile 3
CO - Colombia 2
DM - Dominica 2
HK - Hong Kong 2
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BD - Bangladesh 1
BT - Bhutan 1
CH - Svizzera 1
ES - Italia 1
EU - Europa 1
GR - Grecia 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IN - India 1
KE - Kenya 1
NP - Nepal 1
PK - Pakistan 1
QA - Qatar 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
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Fairfield 407
Chandler 266
Ashburn 248
Woodbridge 247
Ann Arbor 227
Warsaw 192
Houston 185
Seattle 148
Wilmington 142
Ferrara 141
Cambridge 120
Jacksonville 103
Beijing 77
Addison 66
Princeton 61
Bremen 54
Izmir 44
Nanjing 42
San Diego 29
Bologna 25
Washington 25
Boardman 20
Dong Ket 19
Milan 19
Ferrara di Monte Baldo 17
Redwood City 17
Vienna 15
Falls Church 13
London 11
Nanchang 10
Tianjin 10
Brussels 9
Hebei 9
Changsha 8
Des Moines 8
Jiaxing 8
Hounslow 6
New York 6
Norwalk 6
Dearborn 5
Kunming 5
Shenyang 5
Tappahannock 5
Auburn Hills 4
Augusta 4
Mountain View 4
Omaha 4
Padova 4
Redmond 4
Rimini 4
Shanghai 4
Bexhill 3
Chicago 3
Comacchio 3
Dublin 3
Guarda Veneta 3
Göttingen 3
Helsinki 3
Indiana 3
Jinan 3
Ningbo 3
Portomaggiore 3
Prescot 3
Rome 3
San Mateo 3
Ardabil 2
Forlì 2
Hangzhou 2
Hong Kong 2
Islington 2
Leawood 2
Münster 2
Napoli 2
Nashua 2
New Bedfont 2
Riccione 2
Roseau 2
Sassuolo 2
Visciano 2
Zhengzhou 2
Arezzo 1
Atlanta 1
Bethlehem 1
Blacksburg 1
Botosani 1
Brescia 1
Campo Grande 1
Castel Maggiore 1
Cerritos 1
Chiswick 1
Cividale Del Friuli 1
Comiso 1
Dallas 1
Dhaka 1
Doha 1
Enemonzo 1
Erlangen 1
Florence 1
Frankfurt Am Main 1
Fremont 1
Totale 3.204
Nome #
Qualità della vita e capacità funzionale del paziente anziano con claudicatio intermittens severa: rivascolarizzazione o riabilitazione? Uno studio pilota randomizzato tra trattamento invasivo ed esercizio strutturato domiciliare 177
Changes in hemoglobin profile reflect autologous blood transfusion misuse in sports 159
A toe-flexion NIRS-assisted test for rapid assessment of foot perfusion in peripheral arterial disease: feasibility, validity and diagnostic accuracy 131
Exercise in Patients on Dialysis: A Multicenter, Randomized Clinical Trial 129
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Effects of low-intensity endurance and resistance training on mobility in chronic stroke survivors. A pilot, randomized, controlled study 125
Respiratory muscle impairment in dialysis patients: can minimal dose of exercise limit the damage? A Preliminary study in a sample of patients enrolled in the EXCITE trial. 119
Rehabilitative Exercise Reduced the Impact of Peripheral Artery Disease on Vascular Outcomes in Elderly Patients with Claudication: A Three-Year Single Center Retrospective Study 119
Planning the International Competition Schedules for the Health of Elite Athletes: A 21-Year Retrospective Study Evaluating the Effectiveness and Economic Impact in an Olympic Sport 111
The effectiveness of Robot-Assisted Gait Training versus conventional therapy on mobility in severely disabled progressIve MultiplE sclerosis patients (RAGTIME): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 111
Lack of a "Weekend Effect" for Renal Transplant Recipients. 108
Possible detection of Autologous Blood Transfusion (ABT) based on circulating plasma microRNAs involved in erythroid differentiation and fetal hemoglobin induction 108
Acute oxygenation changes on ischemic foot of a novel intermittent pneumatic compression device and of an existing sequential device in severe peripheral arterial disease. 106
Impact of comorbidity on outcome in kidney transplant recipients: a retrospective study in Italy 104
Performance Assessment of Patient on Dialysis. 101
Effect of a home based, low intensity, physical exercise program in older adults dialysis patients: A secondary analysis of the EXCITE trial 101
Anti-doping attitudes among elite athletes: a cross sectional study in biathlon using a suitably developed questionnaire. 98
Altered erythroid-related miRNA levels as a possible novel biomarker for detection of autologous blood transfusion misuse in sport 96
Renal Transplantation and Outcome: Does Time of Surgery Matter? 92
Effects of a "test in-train out" walking program versus supervised standard rehabilitation in chronic stroke patients: a feasibility and pilot randomized study. 90
Home-based exercise for elderly patients with intermittent claudication limited by osteoarticular disorders - Feasibility and eff ectiveness of a low-intensity programme 89
null 89
The role of deconditioning in the end stage renal disease (ESRD) myopathy: physical exercise improves altered resting muscle oxygen consumption 87
A near-infrared spectroscopy-assisted test discriminates patients with peripheral arterial disease and venous insufficiency with changes of foot oxygenation following light elastic compression therapy 82
Development of microRNA based protocols for detection of autologous blood transfusion in sport 81
Changes in exercise capacity and risk of all-cause mortality in patients with peripheral artery disease: a 10-year retrospective cohort study 79
Gender Differences in Outcomes Following a Pain-Free, Home-Based Exercise Program for Claudication 76
Structured Home-Based Exercise Versus Invasive Treatment: A Mission Impossible? A Pilot Randomized Study in Elderly Patients With Intermittent Claudication. 75
Biomarkers of muscle metabolism in peripheral artery disease: A dynamic NIRS-assisted study to detect adaptations following revascularization and exercise training 70
Reliability of the Vascular Claudication Reporting in Diabetic Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Study With Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. 67
Functional recovery in multiple sclerosis patients undergoing rehabilitation programs is associated with plasma levels of hemostasis inhibitors 66
Restless Leg Syndrome in Peripheral Artery Disease: Prevalence among Patients with Claudication and Benefits from Low-Intensity Exercise 63
Effectiveness of home-based pain-free exercise versus walking advice in patients with peripheral artery disease: A randomized controlled trial 54
Effectiveness of blood flow-restricted slow walking on mobility in severe multiple sclerosis: A pilot randomized trial 51
Evaluation of muscle metabolism in multiple sclerosis: A Near Infrared Spectroscopy-based approach 50
Body mass index and metabolic syndrome impact differently on major clinical events in renal transplant patients 49
Effects of a Robot-Assisted Arm Training Plus Hand Functional Electrical Stimulation on Recovery After Stroke: A Randomized Clinical Trial 42
Weekend effect and in-hospital mortality in elderly patients with acute kidney injury: a retrospective analysis of a national hospital database in Italy 39
Novel molecular biomarkers for detection of autologous blood transfusion in sport: fetal hemoglobin and microRNAs. 38
Analysis of the miRNome as a possible tool for the detection of autologous blood transfusion misuse in sport 38
A personalized patient-centered intervention to empower through physical activity the patient in the dialysis center: Study protocol for a pragmatic nonrandomized clinical trial 37
Baseline and overtime variations of soluble adhesion molecule plasma concentrations are associated with mobility recovery after rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis patients 36
Beneficial effects of robot-assisted gait training on functional recovery in women after stroke: A cohort study 34
Response to Letter to the Editor [: "The Effects of a Robot-Assisted Arm Training Plus Hand Functional Electrical Stimulation on Recovery After Stroke: A Randomized Clinical Trial"] 33
Robot-assisted gait training is not superior to intensive overground walking in multiple sclerosis with severe disability (the RAGTIME study): A randomized controlled trial 33
Don’t stop walking: the in-home rehabilitation program for peripheral artery disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic 32
Beyond the patient’s report: Self-reported, subjective, objective and estimated walking disability in patients with peripheral artery disease 31
Motor cortical activation assessment in progressive multiple sclerosis patients enrolled in gait rehabilitation: A secondary analysis of the RAGTIME trial assisted by functional near-infrared spectroscopy 30
Infrared thermography as a diagnostic tool for the assessment of patients with symptomatic peripheral arterial disease undergoing infrafemoral endovascular revascularisations 30
Structured pain-free exercise progressively improves ankle-brachial index and walking ability in patients with claudication and compressible arteries: an observational study 27
Rehabilitation improves mitochondrial energetics in progressive multiple sclerosis: The significant role of robot-assisted gait training and of the personalized intensity 24
Combining a supervised and home-based task-oriented circuit training improves walking endurance in patients with multiple sclerosis. The MS_TOCT randomized-controlled trial 24
Macchina ginnica con tappeto scorrevole configurata per favorire la mobilità di un soggetto con mobilita’ ridotta 23
Survival and clinical outcomes of diabetic peripheral artery disease patients following a pain-free homebased walking program 22
SARS-COV-2 Pandemic for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Peripheral Arterial Disease: Impact of Interruption to Access According to Gender in a Single Center Experience 20
Effects of forest walking on physical and mental health in elderly populations: a systematic review 20
L’esercizio fisico nella malattia renale cronica: una vecchia storia da raccontare o un efficace intervento da attuare? [Physical exercise in chronic kidney disease: an empty narrative or an effective intervention?] 18
Impact of renal dysfunction on in-hospital mortality of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a single-center Italian study 17
Infodemiology of renal diseases: a novel opportunity to investigate public global interest. 17
A Fitness-Fatigue Model of Performance in Peripheral Artery Disease: Predicted and Measured Effects of a Pain-Free Exercise Program 16
Lower All-Cause Mortality Risk in Females and Males with Peripheral Artery Disease following Pain-Free Home-Based Exercise: A 7-Year Observational Study 15
Construct Validity and Responsiveness of the COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRS) in a Cohort of Italian Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients 13
Cortical Oxygenation during a Motor Task to Evaluate Recovery in Subacute Stroke Patients: A Study with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy 13
Infodemiology of solid organ transplantation: Relationship to the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation data 13
Is robot-assisted gait training intensity a determinant of functional recovery early after stroke? A pragmatic observational study of clinical care 13
Epigenetics and doping in sports—The role of microRNAs 12
Inspiratory–Expiratory Muscle Training Improved Respiratory Muscle Strength in Dialysis Patients: A Pilot Randomised Trial 11
The Issue of Gender Bias Represented in Authorship in the Fields of Exercise and Rehabilitation: A 5-Year Research in Indexed Journals 10
Prediction of bench press performance in powerlifting: The role of upper limb anthropometry 10
Home-Based Exercise in Elderly Patients with Claudication and Chronic Kidney Disease Is Associated with Lower Progressive Renal Function Worsening: A 5-Year Retrospective Study 7
Seasonal pattern in elderly hospitalized with acute kidney injury: a retrospective nationwide study in Italy 7
Quantitative Comparison of Hand Kinematics Measured with a Markerless Commercial Head-Mounted Display and a Marker-Based Motion Capture System in Stroke Survivors 6
The legacy effect of a home walking exercise programme in kidney failure patients on dialysis 5
The Value of Infrared Thermography to Assess Foot and Limb Perfusion in Relation to Medical, Surgical, Exercise or Pharmacological Interventions in Peripheral Artery Disease: A Systematic Review 4
Exercise-based functional recovery from severe upper extremity arterial disease due to bilateral subclavian artery obstruction in a person with giant cell arteritis 4
Long-Term Effect of Physical Exercise on the Risk for Hospitalization and Death in Dialysis Patients. A Post-Trial Long-Term Observational Study 4
Effect of physical activity interventions on quality of life in older adults: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis 1
Foot Temperature by Infrared Thermography in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease before and after Structured Home-Based Exercise: A Gender-Based Observational Study 1
Clinically-driven design of novel methods of investigation on skeletal health status in neurological disorders. The case of the traumatic brain injuries 1
Effects of Exercise, Rehabilitation, and Nutritional Approaches on Body Composition and Bone Density in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 1
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