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Mcallen 2
Mercato San Severino 2
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Pasian Di Prato 2
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Nome #
Mass loss and nutrient release during litter decay in peatland: the role of microbial adaptability to litter chemistry 209
Global negative vegetation feedback to climate warming responses of leaf litter decomposition rates in cold biomes 149
null 135
Wetland Plant Diversity in a Coastal Nature Reserve in Italy: Relationships with Salinization and Eutrophication and Implications for Nature Conservation 134
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Glasshouse vs field experiments: do they yield ecologically similar results for assessing N impacts on peat mosses? 112
Water- and nutrient-use efficiency of a deciduous species, Vaccinium myrtillus, and an evergreen species, V. vitis-idaea, in a subalpine dwarf shrub heath in the southern Alps (Italy) 111
Variations in the foliar nutrient content of mire plants: effects of growth-form based grouping and habitat 111
Climate change response of vegetation across climatic zones in Italy 109
null 108
Bemerkungen über die Vegetationsdynamik eines Bergkiefernmoores in den östlichen Südalpen 106
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Are nutrient availability and acidity-alkalinity gradients related in Sphagnum-dominated peatlands? 95
Effects of mineral and nutrient input on mire bio-geochemistry in two geographical regions. 95
A phytosociological numerical study of the vegetation above the timberline on Monte Baldo (N-Italy). 94
The vegetation of wetlands in the northern Apennines (Italy). 94
Monitoring temporal trends of air pollution in an urban area using mosses and lichens as biomonitors. 94
Exploiting time series of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery to detect meadow phenology in mountain regions 94
Community and species-performance patterns along an alpine poor-rich mire gradient 93
Relationships between vegetation patterns and periglacial landforms in north-western Svalbard 92
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Plutonium and americium concentrations and vertical profiles in some Italian mosses used as bioindicators 92
Aboveground production and nutrient status of the vegetation of different mire types in the South-eastern Alps (Italy). 92
Numerical syntaxonomy of badland vegetation in the Apennines (Italy). 91
Rice-field weed communities in Ferrara Province (Northern Italy). 91
Syntaxonomy and community ecology of mires in the Rhaetian Alps (Italy) 89
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CO2 exchange, photosynthetic pigment composition, and cell ultrastructure of Sphagnum mosses during dehydration and subsequent rehydration 89
Slow Recovery of Mire Vegetation from Environmental Perturbations Caused by a Heat Wave and Experimental Fertilization 88
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Response to heat stress of populations of two Sphagnum species from alpine bogs at different altitudes 85
Bedrock geology affects foliar nutrient status but has minor influence on leaf carbon isotope discrimination across altitudinal gradients 84
A floristic classification of five mire sites in the montane-subalpine belt of South Tyrol (S Alps, Italy) 82
Correlation between soil characters and forest types: a study in multiple discriminant analysis. 82
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Relationships between geomorphology and vegetation patterns in subantarctic andean tundra of Tierra del Fuego. 81
Multiple gradients in mire vegetation - a comparison of a Swedish and an Italian bog 81
Habitat-dependent interactive effects of a heatwave and experimental fertilization on the vegetation of an alpine mire 81
The vertical distribution of the Cs-137 derived from Chernobyl fall-out in the uppermost Sphagnum layer of two peatlands in the southern Alps (Italy). 80
SAR and Optical satellite sensors to detect phenology in Alpine areas 80
Risposte di organismi vegetali con diversa organizzazione filogenetica alle variazioni ambientali 79
Nursery pre-treatment positively affects reintroduced plant performance via plant pre-conditioning, but not via maternal effects 79
Intraspecific Functional Trait Response to Advanced Snowmelt Suggests Increase of Growth Potential but Decrease of Seed Production in Snowbed Plant Species 77
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Three mires in the south-eastern Alps (Northern Italy) 74
Climatic modifiers of the response to nitrogen deposition in peat-forming sphagnum mosses: A meta-analysis 73
Sand dune vegetation in the Po Delta (N-Italy). 73
The vertical pattern of pigment concentrations in chloroplasts of Sphagnum capillifolium. 72
Heatwave 2003: high summer temperature, rather than experimental fertilization, affects vegetation and carbon dioxide exchange in an alpine bog 70
Evaluation of syntaxonomic schemes of aquatic plant communities by cluster analysis. 70
Differential effects of soil chemistry on the foliar resorption of nitrogen and phosphorus across altitudinal gradients 70
Risposte alle variazioni ambientali di organismi vegetali con diversa organizzazione filogenetica 66
Intra-tissue characteristics of chloroplasts in the lamina and petiole of mature winter leaf of Arum italicum Miller 65
Fungi isolated from Antarctic mosses. 65
Typology and dynamics of a wood in the Po Plane (N-Italy): the "Bosco della Mesola". 65
Biomass distribution of two subalpine dwarf-srhubs in relation to soil moisture and nutrient content 64
Phytosociology and ecology of stream vegetation in the summit region of the northern Apennines. 63
Structural characteristics and photosynthetic activity of the chloroplasts in the petioles and the laminae of the young winter leaves of Arum italicum Miller grown in shade or light conditions 62
Analisi corologica e valutazione fitogeografica di alcune orofite nordappenniniche. 59
Recovery of subalpine dwarf shrub heath after neighbour removal and fertilization 58
Chorological analysis of wetland communities in the northern Apennines (Italy). A quantitative approach. 57
Seasonal variations in the element concentrations in mire water and in Sphagnum mosses on an ombrotrophic bog in the southern Alps. 57
Influence of rabbit on dune vegetation in the Po Delta region. 56
Advanced snowmelt affects vegetative growth and sexual reproduction of Vaccinium myrtillus in a sub-alpine heath. 56
The role of ecological gradients in species segregation in nutrient-poor mires on the southern Alps in Italy 54
Proximal sensing phenology data to validate Sentinel-2 in cold regions 54
Effetti della fertilizzazione azotata sugli scambi di CO2 in una torbiera delle Alpi italiane. LINEA ECOLOGICA 53
Proposte metodologiche per l’uso di briofite come bioaccumulatori di metalli in traccia 53
Decomposability, nutrient release and isotopic changes in vascular plant and Sphagnum litter. 52
Bryophyte flora and vegetation of the glaciokarst plains in the Dolomites(S. Alps, Italy) 52
Habitat dell’Emilia-Romagna. Manuale per il riconoscimento secondo il metodo europeo 51
Nutritional constraints in ombrotrophic Sphagnum plants under increasing atmospheric nitrogen depositions in Europe. 51
Saxifraga depressa and Saxifragetum depressae: an endemie species and association of the western Dolomites (Italy). 51
Correlation between macrophyte vegetation and some water properties in the irrigation system of the lower Po Plane. 51
Vegetation and geomorphology in a fossil glacial cirque of the northern Apennines (Italy). 51
Syntaxonomy of the Ostrya carpinifolia woods in the Southern Alps (N-Italy) based on numerical methods. 50
Epiphytic bryophyte vegetation in the Ostryo-Carpinion orientalis region of the Trieste Karst (Northern Italy). 50
Nutrient limitation in ombrotrophic Sphagnum plants: what are the consequences of an increasing nitrogen availability? 49
Gradient analysis of alpine vegetation in the Lagorai range, Dolomites. 49
The seasonal growth pattern of Sphagnum magellanicum Brid. in different microhabitats on a mire in the southern Aips (Italy). OECOLOGIA MONTANA 49
Vegetation of wetlands in the Dolomites. DISSERTATIONES BOTANICAE 48
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