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NA - Nord America 12232
EU - Europa 4227
AS - Asia 2078
SA - Sud America 58
AF - Africa 35
OC - Oceania 17
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
Totale 18659
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 12211
CN - Cina 1375
UA - Ucraina 1042
IT - Italia 878
TR - Turchia 575
DE - Germania 566
SE - Svezia 505
GB - Regno Unito 399
PL - Polonia 333
FI - Finlandia 251
FR - Francia 80
BE - Belgio 47
BR - Brasile 45
IN - India 22
MA - Marocco 21
RU - Federazione Russa 20
IR - Iran 19
ES - Italia 18
CH - Svizzera 17
JP - Giappone 17
AU - Australia 16
NL - Olanda 16
VN - Vietnam 14
PH - Filippine 12
MX - Messico 11
TW - Taiwan 11
CA - Canada 10
EU - Europa 9
RO - Romania 8
KR - Corea 7
AR - Argentina 6
GR - Grecia 5
HK - Hong Kong 5
ID - Indonesia 5
PE - Perù 5
RS - Serbia 5
AT - Austria 4
LT - Lituania 4
PT - Portogallo 4
TH - Thailandia 4
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BG - Bulgaria 3
DK - Danimarca 3
EG - Egitto 3
ET - Etiopia 3
HU - Ungheria 3
ZA - Sudafrica 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
AL - Albania 2
BD - Bangladesh 2
CO - Colombia 2
DZ - Algeria 2
EE - Estonia 2
MD - Moldavia 2
MY - Malesia 2
NO - Norvegia 2
SI - Slovenia 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
UZ - Uzbekistan 2
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
BW - Botswana 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
HR - Croazia 1
IE - Irlanda 1
IL - Israele 1
MN - Mongolia 1
NA - Namibia 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
OM - Oman 1
PK - Pakistan 1
SC - Seychelles 1
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Woodbridge 1845
Fairfield 1368
Jacksonville 1239
Ann Arbor 1057
Chandler 1020
Houston 988
Wilmington 614
Ashburn 566
Seattle 561
Cambridge 464
Izmir 409
Nanjing 344
Warsaw 309
Princeton 305
Beijing 256
Ferrara 224
Boardman 186
Addison 129
San Diego 124
Shenyang 121
Nanchang 120
Milan 109
Dearborn 105
Falls Church 82
Hebei 82
Tianjin 66
Redwood City 61
Changsha 58
Jiaxing 52
San Mateo 44
Norwalk 43
Jinan 42
Kunming 42
Bologna 41
Brussels 38
Rome 33
Mountain View 32
Zhengzhou 30
Guangzhou 29
Ningbo 24
Philadelphia 24
Auburn Hills 22
Curitiba 22
Des Moines 22
Kraków 21
Orange 21
Chicago 20
Helsinki 20
Verona 20
Indiana 18
London 16
Duncan 14
Redmond 12
Florence 11
Hangzhou 11
Los Angeles 11
Taizhou 11
Changchun 10
Dong Ket 10
Taipei 10
New York 9
Palermo 9
Rosendaal 9
Shanghai 9
Bergamo 8
Dallas 8
Augusta 7
Bremen 7
Lanzhou 7
Leawood 7
Padova 7
Pisa 7
Walton 7
Cagliari 6
Hefei 6
Kailua Kona 6
Mainz 6
Wuhan 6
Belgrade 5
Chengdu 5
Chieti 5
Jakarta 5
Lima 5
Munich 5
Rende 5
Alghero 4
Casalecchio Di Reno 4
Gurgaon 4
Lidingoe 4
Madrid 4
Mexico 4
New Orleans 4
Pandino 4
Parma 4
Pasadena 4
San Pablo City 4
Seongnam 4
Torino 4
Vilnius 4
Walnut 4
Totale 13814
Nome #
Critical evaluation of an intercalibration project focused on the definition of new multi-element soil reference materials (AMS-MO1 and AMS-ML1) 184
Constraints on Composition, Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere 175
Water–Rock Interaction and Lake Hydrochemistry in the Main Ethiopian Rift 150
The alkaline-carbonatite complex of Jacupiranga (Brazil): Magma genesis and mode of emplacement 149
The alkaline-carbonatite complex of Jacupiranga (Brazil) revisited: magma genesis, mode of emplacement and tectono-magmatic significance. 148
Geochemical characterisation and geophysical mapping of Landfill leachates: the Marozzo canal case study (NE Italy) 143
New insights on the petrology of submarine volcanics from the Western Pontine Archipelago (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) 140
Comparison among Ethiopia-Yemen, Deccan, and Karoo continental flood basalts of central Gondwana: Insights on lithosphere versus asthenosphere contributions in compositionally zoned magmatic provinces 139
C-N elemental and isotopic investigation in agricultural soils: Insights on the effects of zeolitite amendments 138
Mantle sources of the Cenozoic Iblean volcanism (SE Sicily, Italy): Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic constraints 135
The Betic Ophiolites and the Mesozoic Evolution of the Western Tethys 134
Crustal xenoliths from Tallante (Betic Cordillera, Spain): insights into the crust-mantle boundary 133
Geochemistry of the Adige River water from the Eastern Alps to the Adriatic Sea (Italy): evidences for distinct hydrological components and water-rock interactions 131
The Po river water from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea (Italy): new insights from geochemical and isotopic (δ18O-δD) data 129
Assessment of heavy metal bioaccumulation in sorghum from neutral saline soils in the Po River Delta Plain (Northern Italy) 128
null 124
Chemical-mineralogical characterisation of clay sediments around Ferrara (Italy): a tool for an environmental analysis 122
Multistage evolution of the European lithospheric mantle: new evidence from Sardinian peridotite xenoliths 121
Chemical and isotopic (B, Sr) composition of alluvial sediments as archive of a past hydrothermal outflow 121
Coexistence of alkaline-carbonatite complexes and high-MgO CFB in the Parana-Etendeka province: Insights on plume-lithosphere interactions in the Gondwana realm 118
Evidence of alkaline-carbonated metasomatism in mantle xenoliths from the Manzaz-Atakor Districts (Hoggar, Algeria) 117
null 115
Peridotite xenoliths from Ethiopia: Inferences about mantle processes from plume to rift settings 114
Mobilization of arsenic and other naturally occurring contaminants in groundwater of the Main Ethiopian Rift aquifers 113
Thermally based isotopic speciation of carbon in complex matrices: a tool for environmental investigation 113
A preliminary note on carbon and nitrogen elemental and isotopic composition of Po River suspended load 113
Petrogenesis and geodynamic control of intraplate Cenozoic volcanism in Italy 112
null 111
The role of HIMU metasomatic components in the North African lithospheric mantle: Petrological evidence from the Gharyan lherzolite xenoliths, NW Libya 111
Tertiary-Quaternary magmatism within the Mediterranean and surrounding regions 109
Mantle xenoliths from Tallante (Betic Cordillera): Insights into the multi-stage evolution of the south Iberian lithosphere 109
Le sorgenti fredde dei Monti della Gherardesca (bacino del fiume Cornia, Toscana Meridionale): idrogeologia e geochimica. 108
Extremely dry and warm conditions in northern Italy during the year 2015: effects on the Po river water 108
Evidence of strongly alkaline-carbonated HIMU metasomatism in mantle xenoliths from the Manzaz-Atakor District (Hoggar, Algeria) 106
The Axum–Adwa basalt–trachyte complex: a late magmatic activity at the periphery of the Afar plume 106
High-MgO lavas associated to CFB as indicators of plume-related thermochemical effects: The case of ultra-titaniferous picrite-basalt from the Northern Ethiopian-Yemeni Plateau 105
Intraplate lithospheric and sublithospheric components in the Adriatic domain: Nephelinite to tholeiite magma generation in the Paleogene Veneto volcanic province, southern Alps 104
Miocene shoshonite volcanism in Sardinia: Implications for magma sources and geodynamic evolution of the central-western Mediterranean 104
Multi-stage carbonation and decarbonation in the mantle-wedge: stable-isotope compositions of carbonate phases in ultramaficrocks of the ulten zone (Eastern Alps, Italy). 104
Column elution experiments on volcanic ash: geochemical implications for the Main Ethiopian Rift waters 103
Continental Flood Basalts and Mantle Plumes: a Case Study of the Northern Ethiopian Plateau 103
Carbonated alkali-silicate metasomatism in the North Africa lithosphere: Evidence from Middle Atlas spinel-lherzolites, Morocco 103
Post-collisional and intraplate Cenozoic volcanism in the rifted Apennines/Adriatic domain 103
Southern Alps in Italy: Venetian Pre-Alps 102
Geochemistry and petrology of the Kermanshah ophiolites (Iran): Implication for the interaction between passive rifting, oceanic accretion, and OIB-type components in the Southern Neo-Tethys Ocean 102
Behaviour of boron and strontium isotopes in groundwater-aquifer interactions in the Cornia Plain (Tuscany, Italy) 101
Comments on the paper “A crustal–upper mantle model for southeastern Sicily (Italy) from the integration of petrologic and geophysical data” by Manuella et al. (2013) 101
Combination of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis and multivariate statistic for alluvial soils classification: a case study from the Padanian Plain (Northern Italy) 100
Multidisciplinary study of a Lateglacial-Holocene sedimentary sequence near Bologna (Italy): insights on natural and anthropogenic impacts on the landscape dynamics 100
Helium and argon isotopic compositions of mantle xenoliths from Tallante and Calatrava, Spain 100
Geodynamic control on orogenic and anorogenic magmatic phases in Sardinia and Southern Spain: Inferences for the Cenozoic evolution of the western Mediterranean 99
Alpine subduction imprint in Apennine volcaniclastic rocks. Geochemical–petrographic constraints and geodynamic implications from Early Oligocene Aveto-Petrignacola Formation (N Italy) 98
N-C isotopic investigation of a zeolite-amended agricultural field 97
Carbon elemental and isotopic composition in mantle xenoliths from Spain: Insights on sources and petrogenetic processes 97
Lithospheric mantle evolution in the Afro-Arabian domain: Insights from Bir Ali mantle xenoliths (Yemen) 97
Trace elements and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes of K-rich, shoshonitic, and calcalkaline magmatism of the Western Mediterranean Region: genesis of ultrapotassic to calc-alkaline magmatic associations in a post-collisional geodynamic setting 95
Basic dykes crosscutting the crystalline basement of Valsugana (Italy): further evidence of early Triassic volcanism in the Southern Alps. 95
The dynamics of central Main Ethiopian Rift waters: Evidence from δD, δ18O and 87Sr/86Sr ratios 94
Comparative study of ultramafic xenoliths and associated lavas from South-Eastern Sicily: nature of the lithospheric mantle and insights on magma genesis 94
Geochemical proxies of sediment provenance in alluvial plains with interfering fluvial systems: A study case from NE Italy 94
Comment on Manuella et al. "The Hyblean xenolith suite (Sicily): an unexpected legacy of the Ionian-Tethys realm" 94
Alpine subduction imprint in Apennine volcaniclastic rocks. Geochemical–petrographic constraints and geodynamic implications from Early Oligocene Aveto-Petrignacola Formation (N Italy) 93
Ophiolite inheritance in the Po Plain sediments: insights on heavy metals distribution and risk assessment 93
Geochemistry and water quality assessment of central Main Ethiopian Rift natural waters with emphasis on source and occurrence of fluoride and arsenic 93
New geochemical data on submarine volcanics from the Pontine Archipelago (Tyrrenian Sea, Italy) 93
Geochemical and microclimatic characterization of the water resources in the Copparo area (Ferrara, Italy) 93
null 92
Investigation and prediction of lime agglomeration, sticking tendency, and blocks formation in vertical double shaft regenerative kilns for the production of high-calcium or magnesium-rich quicklime 92
null 91
null 90
null 90
Cenozoic tectono-magmatic evolution of the central-western mediterranean: migration of an arc-interarc basin system and variations in the mode of subduction 89
Heavy metals in soils and sedimentary deposits of the Padanian Plain (Ferrara, Northern Italy): characterisation and biomonitoring 89
Intracratonic asthenosphere upwelling and lithosphere rejuvenation beneath the Hoggar swell (Algeria): Evidence from HIMU metasomatised lherzolite mantle xenoliths 89
Evidence of diverse depletion and metasomatic events in harzburgite-lherzolite mantle xenoliths from the Iberian plate (Olot, NE Spain): Implications for lithosphere accretionary processes 89
Geochemical and isotopic analyses on the Po delta water: insights to understand a complex riverine ecosystem 88
Natural and anthropogenic variations in the Po river waters (northern Italy): insights from a multi-isotope approach 88
Damage processes on stones in urban environment: field exposure tests and laboratory analyses contributing to pollution impact evaluation 88
CNS stable isotopes in the Adige river waters: insights on natural and anthropogenic components 87
Mantle metasomatism by melts of HIMU piclogite components: New insights from Fe-lherzolite xenoliths (Calatrava Volcanic District, central Spain) 87
Effects of different zeolite amendments on plants C-N isotopic compositions 86
Heavy oxygen recycled into the lithospheric mantle 86
A case of multistage mantle metasomatism: peridotite xenoliths from Tallante (Southern Spain) 84
Within-plate Cenozoic volcanism and mantle sources in the Western Central Mediterranean Region 84
Geochemical characterization and biomonitoring of reclaimed soils in the Po River Delta (Northern Italy): implications for the agricultural activities 84
Is it possible to cultivate corn in a sustainable way using a quarry waste? 84
Carbon and nitrogen pools in Padanian soils (Italy): Origin and dynamics of soil organic matter 84
Carbonated alkali-silicate metasomatism in the north Africa lithosphere: Evidence from Mid Atlas spinel-lherzolites, Morocco 83
null 83
Continental flood basalts and mantle plumes: The case study of the Northern Ethiopian plateau 83
null 82
Magmatismo cenozoico e sorgenti di mantello nel mediterraneo centro-occidentale: caratteristiche petrologiche ed implicazioni geodinamiche. 81
Picrite-basalt associated to Ethiopian-Yemeni CFB and their relevance to mantle plume processes 81
Volcanism and evolution of the African lithosphere 80
Strontium isotopic composition of the Po river dissolved load: Insights into rock weathering in Northern Italy 80
Subduction and continental crust recycling -petrological evidence in Mantle xenoliths from the Betic area (Spain) 79
The Po River Water Isotopes during the Drought Condition of the Year 2017 79
Environmental impact of the Ferrara municipal solid waste incinerators: chemical characterisation of bottom ashes and their leachates. 78
Tracing geogenic and anthropogenic sources in the Po river dissolved load with a multi isotope approach. 77
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