MARTINI, Fernanda
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Continente #
NA - Nord America 1.953
EU - Europa 1.252
AS - Asia 329
SA - Sud America 18
AF - Africa 15
OC - Oceania 11
Totale 3.578
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1.917
IT - Italia 469
SE - Svezia 247
FR - Francia 165
DE - Germania 103
IQ - Iraq 82
CN - Cina 60
VN - Vietnam 49
GB - Regno Unito 46
PL - Polonia 41
NL - Olanda 37
IN - India 32
RU - Federazione Russa 29
CA - Canada 21
UA - Ucraina 19
ID - Indonesia 13
JP - Giappone 13
FI - Finlandia 12
IR - Iran 12
MK - Macedonia 12
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 11
ES - Italia 11
IE - Irlanda 11
AU - Australia 10
HK - Hong Kong 9
MX - Messico 9
TW - Taiwan 9
ZA - Sudafrica 9
BR - Brasile 8
IL - Israele 8
CL - Cile 7
KR - Corea 7
PH - Filippine 7
TH - Thailandia 6
GR - Grecia 5
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 5
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 4
BE - Belgio 4
DK - Danimarca 4
NO - Norvegia 4
SG - Singapore 4
TR - Turchia 4
AN - Antille olandesi 3
AR - Argentina 3
CH - Svizzera 3
PK - Pakistan 3
PT - Portogallo 3
RS - Serbia 3
LT - Lituania 2
MD - Moldavia 2
RO - Romania 2
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
SI - Slovenia 2
AL - Albania 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
BZ - Belize 1
DZ - Algeria 1
EG - Egitto 1
GH - Ghana 1
GP - Guadalupe 1
HR - Croazia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IS - Islanda 1
MA - Marocco 1
NG - Nigeria 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
UG - Uganda 1
Totale 3.578
Città #
Santa Cruz 256
Stockholm 240
Ashburn 185
Ferrara 143
Fairfield 140
Houston 84
Seattle 81
Des Moines 65
Woodbridge 60
Buffalo 58
Dong Ket 49
Cambridge 46
Bologna 43
Chicago 43
Padova 41
Boardman 38
Warsaw 38
San Diego 31
Wilmington 29
Ferrara di Monte Baldo 27
Milan 26
Los Angeles 24
Las Vegas 20
Ann Arbor 18
San Jose 17
Amsterdam 15
Paris 15
Baghdad 13
Clearwater 13
London 13
New York 13
Bremen 10
Dublin 10
Helsinki 10
Lake Forest 10
Saint Petersburg 10
Shanghai 10
Beijing 9
Dallas 9
Fleming Island 9
Henderson 9
San Francisco 9
Bengaluru 8
Cedar Knolls 8
Council Bluffs 8
Hamburg 8
Taipei 8
Modena 7
Provo 7
Riva 7
Brooklyn 6
Hangzhou 6
Hong Kong 6
Recife 6
Reston 6
Albuquerque 5
Bergisch Gladbach 5
Crugers 5
Mexico City 5
Muizenberg 5
Portland 5
Ancona 4
Atlanta 4
Austin 4
Castello Di Fiemme 4
Changsha 4
Chennai 4
Dulles 4
Edison 4
Jacksonville 4
Salt Lake City 4
Santiago 4
Scranton 4
Skopje 4
Thibodaux 4
Washington 4
Azzano Decimo 3
Birmingham 3
Bitola 3
Columbus 3
Esslingen am Neckar 3
Freiburg 3
Herndon 3
Khalis 3
Lille 3
Madison 3
Malang 3
Marche 3
Melbourne 3
Murcia 3
Napoli 3
Ottawa 3
Parma 3
Phoenix 3
Pleasanton 3
Providence 3
Redmond 3
Rome 3
Rovigo 3
Santa Clara 3
Totale 2.242
Nome #
Investigation on silent bacterial infections in specimens from pregnant women affected by spontaneous miscarriage, file e309ade1-f40e-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 292
Serum IgG antibodies from pregnant women reacting to mimotopes of simian virus 40 large T antigen, the viral oncoprotein, file e309ade1-64c2-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 118
Ticagrelor Increases SIRT1 and HES1 mRNA Levels in Peripheral Blood Cells from Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, file e309ade2-d1c6-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 118
Footprints of BK and JC polyomaviruses in specimens from females affected by spontaneous abortion, file e309ade2-051d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 112
Investigation on silent bacterial infections in specimens from pregnant women affected by spontaneous miscarriage, file e309ade2-b3ba-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 105
MicroRNAs Modulate Signaling Pathways in Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, file e309ade3-bf2c-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 99
Serum IgG antibodies from healthy subjects up to 100 years old react to JC polyomavirus, file e309ade1-a51a-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 97
Merkel cell carcinomas arising in autoimmune disease affected patients treated with biologic drugs including anti-TNF, file e309ade1-8ae4-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 95
MicroRNAs in the Regulation of Melanogenesis, file e309ade4-cee1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 94
New Perspectives on Diagnosis and Therapy of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, file e309ade1-d88f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 92
Association Between Simian Virus 40 and Human Tumors, file e309ade2-4e52-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 92
Adult Stem Cells for Bone Regeneration and Repair, file e309ade2-5fb1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 89
Bioactive Materials for Soft Tissue Repair, file e309ade4-00d0-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 86
Innovative Biomaterials for Bone Regrowth, file e309ade2-1b42-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 84
Hydroxylapatite-collagen hybrid scaffold induces human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells to osteogenic differentiation in vitro and bone regrowth in patients, file e309ade2-84a2-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 82
Antibodies reacting to mimotopes of Simian virus 40 large T antigen, the viral oncoprotein, in sera from children, file e309ade3-e18d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 78
Detection of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus DNA in Serum Samples of Healthy Blood Donors, file e309ade1-8d8e-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 74
New Insights into Molecular Oncogenesis and Therapy of Uveal Melanoma, file e309ade2-5217-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 71
Age-specific seroprevalence of human polyomavirus 12 and Saint Louis and New Jersey polyomaviruses, file e309ade1-aeaf-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 70
COVID-19 Is a Multifaceted Challenging Pandemic Which Needs Urgent Public Health Interventions, file e309ade2-b783-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 70
Specific Antibodies Reacting with SV40 Large T Antigen Mimotopes in Serum Samples of Healthy Subjects, file e309ade0-ad00-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 68
P2X7 targeting inhibits growth of human mesothelioma, file e309ade2-d9f0-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 62
Specific IgG antibodies react to mimotopes of BK Polyomavirus, a small DNA tumor virus, in healthy adult sera, file e309ade1-6fdf-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 60
Specific Detection of Serum Antibodies against BKPyV, A Small DNA Tumour Virus, in Patients Affected by Choroidal Nevi, file e309ade1-799f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 59
Serum IgG against Simian Virus 40 antigens are hampered by high levels of sHLA-G in patients affected by inflammatory neurological diseases, as multiple sclerosis, file e309ade0-e153-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 57
Metformin Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Notch1 in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Cells, file e309ade3-a7a9-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 57
Long Non-coding RNAs and MicroRNAs Interplay in Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, file e309ade4-7100-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 54
Colorectal Carcinoma Affected Patients Are Significantly Poor Responders Against the Oncogenic JC Polyomavirus, file e309ade4-8bef-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 53
High Human Papillomavirus DNA loads in Inflammatory Middle Ear Diseases, file e309ade4-6c0b-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 52
SERPINA1 Gene Promoter Is Differentially Methylated in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Pregnant Women, file e309ade2-b51e-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 51
Protocol for the long-term culture of human primary keratinocytes from the normal colorectal mucosa, file e309ade2-646f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 46
Environmental doses of perfluorooctanoic acid change the expression of genes in target tissues of common carp, file e309ade3-f346-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 44
Serum antibodies against simian virus 40 large T antigen, the viral oncoprotein, in osteosarcoma patients, file e309ade1-f2c1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 43
Antibodies reacting with Simian Virus 40 capsid protein mimotopes in serum samples of patients affected by uveal melanoma, file e309ade0-4852-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 41
Protocol for the long-term culture of human primary keratinocytes from the normal colorectal mucosa, file e309ade2-646d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 41
Methylation of SERPINA1 gene promoter may predict chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients affected by acute coronary syndrome, file e309ade4-6eb0-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 41
Mother-to-child transmission of oncogenic polyomaviruses BKPyV, JCPyV and SV40, file 9549a56e-64e3-4015-9b43-ce5de464f4ca 38
High Human Papillomavirus DNA loads in Inflammatory Middle Ear Diseases, file e309ade4-a68d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 32
Serum antibodies from epileptic patients react, at high prevalence, with simian virus 40 mimotopes, file e309ade0-9c62-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 30
The endoplasmic reticulum mitochondrial calcium cross talk is downregulated in malignant pleural mesothelioma cells and plays a critical role in apoptosis inhibition, file e309ade2-dc7a-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 27
Droplet-digital PCR assay to detect Merkel cell polyomavirus sequences in chorionic villi from spontaneous abortion affected females, file e309ade2-4e54-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 26
Serum Antibodies Against the Oncogenic Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Detected by an Innovative Immunological Assay With Mimotopes in Healthy Subjects, file e309ade4-6c24-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 26
The role of microRNAs in the osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and bone pathologies, file e309ade4-6c26-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 26
Potential Use of Alpha-1 Anti-trypsin in the Covid-19 Treatment, file e309ade4-b6ef-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 25
Serologic investigation on undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma and Simian Virus 40 infection, file e309ade0-212d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 22
Advanced Molecular and Immunological Diagnostic Methods to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Infection, file e309ade5-a080-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 18
Gene expression changes in progression of cervical neoplasia revealed by microarray analysis of cervical neoplastic keratinocytes, file e309ade0-ce94-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 17
MicroRNAs Modulate Signaling Pathways in Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, file e309ade3-e62f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 17
Investigation on spontaneous abortion and human papillomavirus infection, file e309ade2-b5a6-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 15
Enhancement of the Biological and Mechanical Performances of Sintered Hydroxyapatite by Multiple Ions Doping, file e309ade3-0085-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 14
Hypermethylation-induced inactivation of the IRF6 gene as a possible early event in progression of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma associated with lichen sclerosus, file e309ade0-e16b-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 13
Simultaneous Detection and Viral DNA Load Quantification of Different Human Papillomavirus Types in Clinical Specimens by the High Analytical Droplet Digital PCR Method, file e309ade2-da6a-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 13
FHIT oncosuppressor gene expression profile in human anal cancers., file e309ade0-224f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 12
Smart nanofibers with natural extracts prevent senescence patterning in a dynamic cell culture model of human skin, file e309ade2-e486-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 12
Bone morphogenetic protein-2 signaling in the osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells induced by pulsed electromagnetic fields, file e309ade2-fd03-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 12
Circulating microRNAs found dysregulated in ex-exposed asbestos workers and pleural mesothelioma patients as potential new biomarkers, file e309ade3-4237-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 12
Circulating microRNA-197-3p as a potential biomarker for asbestos exposure, file e309ade5-3851-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 12
Sera from Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Tested Positive for IgG Antibodies against SV40 Large T Antigen: The Viral Oncoprotein, file 40225fc1-5c12-4610-b2ac-8c09c57e7749 11
Optimizing an osteosarcoma-fibroblast coculture model to study antitumoral activity of magnesium-based biomaterials, file e309ade3-0424-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 11
Association between oncogenic human papillomavirus type 16 and Killian polyp, file e309ade3-dec0-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 11
Significantly low levels of IgG antibodies against oncogenic Merkel cell polyomavirus in sera from females affected by spontaneous abortion, file c4b49f15-9a7c-476c-99e6-5ee12d0368d4 10
Enhanced Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells by a Hybrid Hydroxylapatite/Collagen Scaffold, file e309ade3-d8fc-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 10
In vitro osteoinductivity assay of hydroxylapatite scaffolds, obtained with biomorphic transformation processes, assessed using human adipose stem cell cultures, file e309ade4-b273-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 10
MTHFR gene promoter hypermethylation correlates with semen samples of infertile couples with recurrence spontaneous abortion, file e309ade0-3a11-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 9
Association of retinoic acid receptor ß gene with onset and progression of lichen sclerosus-associated vulvar squamous cell carcinoma, file e309ade1-ddb1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 9
Serum HPV16 E7 oncoprotein is a recurrence marker of Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas, file e309ade4-7703-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 9
Epigenetic dysregulations in merkel cell polyomavirus-driven merkel cell carcinoma, file e309ade5-12ef-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 9
Adding a “Notch” to Cardiovascular Disease Therapeutics: A MicroRNA-Based Approach, file e309ade5-8628-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 9
Human Brain Tumors and Simian Virus 40, file 4e0ccbde-0871-4c47-b94d-82496e7582c2 8
Tracing Males From Different Continents by Genotyping JC Polyomavirus in DNA From Semen Samples, file e309ade1-0384-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 8
SARS-CoV-2 Infection: New Molecular, Phylogenetic, and Pathogenetic Insights. Efficacy of Current Vaccines and the Potential Risk of Variants, file e309ade4-7b77-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 8
The Role of Purinergic P2X7 Receptor in Inflammation and Cancer: Novel Molecular Insights and Clinical Applications, file e309ade5-2447-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 8
Editorial: The Epigenetics in Osteogenic and Chondrogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, file e309ade5-9485-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 8
Mg-based materials diminish tumor spreading and cancer metastases, file 248b34c6-8d57-44f4-95f2-81d468d674b2 7
Antibodies Against Mimotopes of Simian Virus 40 Large T Antigen, the Oncoprotein, in Serum Samples from Elderly Healthy Subjects, file e309ade1-2dc0-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
High prevalence of antibodies reacting to mimotopes of Simian virus 40 large T antigen, the oncoprotein, in serum samples of patients affected by non-Hodgkin lymphoma, file e309ade1-66f2-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Antibodies reacting to mimotopes of Simian virus 40 large T antigen, the viral oncoprotein, in sera from children, file e309ade2-0b23-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Methylation profile of IRF6 AND RARB gene promoters in normal vulvar tissues and vulvar carcinomas, file e309ade2-4ed1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Protocol for the long-term culture of human primary keratinocytes from the normal colorectal mucosa, file e309ade4-8ad5-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Epigenetics of Male Infertility: The Role of DNA Methylation, file e309ade4-afb1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Genetics and Epigenetics of Bone Remodeling and Metabolic Bone Diseases, file e309ade5-02ee-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 7
Tissue cytokine/chemokine profile in vulvar lichen sclerosus: An observational study on keratinocyte and fibroblast cultures, file e309ade2-af7a-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 6
Papilloma and polyoma DNA tumor virus sequences in female genital tumors, file e309ade0-243c-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Reactivation of infectious simian virus 40 from normal human tissues, file e309ade0-2454-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Large T antigen coding sequences of two DNA tumor viruses, BK and SV40, and nonrandom chromosome changes in two glioblastoma cell lines, file e309ade0-245c-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Simian virus 40 efficiently infects human T lymphocytes and extends their lifespan, file e309ade0-3348-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Investigation of the prevalence of antibodies against neurotropic polyomaviruses BK, JC and SV40 in sera from patients affected by multiple sclerosis, file e309ade0-38e1-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
High prevalence of BK polyomavirus sequences in HPV-16 positive precancerous cervical lesions., file e309ade0-3d4c-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Significant prevalence of antibodies reacting with simian virus 40 mimotopes in sera from patients affected by glioblastoma multiforme, file e309ade0-47e2-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Environmental doses of perfluorooctanoic acid change the expression of genes in target tissues of common carp, file e309ade1-afcd-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Specific antibodies reacting to JC polyomavirus capsid protein mimotopes in sera from multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases-affected patients, file e309ade2-84ae-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Immunosaggio per l’identificazione di anticorpi contro il virus polioma delle cellule di Merkel (MCPyV) mediante l’uso di peptidi sintetici, file e309ade4-c715-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Methylation profile of IRF6 AND RARB gene promoters in normal vulvar tissues and vulvar carcinomas, file e309ade4-dae4-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Decreased IgG Antibody Response to Viral Protein Mimotopes of Oncogenic Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in Sera From Healthy Elderly Subjects, file e309ade5-12ed-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
The role of histone post-translational modifications in Merkel cell carcinoma, file e309ade5-3205-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 5
Simian virus 40 infection in humans and association with human diseases: results and hypotheses, file e309ade0-2434-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 4
A molecular epidemiology case control study on pleural malignant mesothelioma, file e309ade0-246d-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 4
BK virus, JC virus and simian virus 40 infection in humans, and association with human tumors, file e309ade0-288f-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 4
Merkel cell polyomavirus DNA sequences in the buffy coats of healthy blood donors, file e309ade0-32a9-3969-e053-3a05fe0a2c94 4
Totale 3.563
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2018/201922 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 3 7 5
2019/202051 3 3 2 4 4 4 8 6 11 2 0 4
2020/2021540 4 5 3 10 50 59 42 82 33 98 62 92
2021/20221.017 43 60 54 41 129 30 69 75 64 66 275 111
2022/20231.279 67 63 243 141 139 90 98 163 84 63 93 35
2023/2024695 72 64 90 33 135 134 55 112 0 0 0 0
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