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Measurement of the Time-Integrated CP Asymmetry in D0 →k-K+ Decays, file 615275fa-35f8-4f1a-9881-d4043492cd71 21
Measurement of lepton universality parameters in B+ →k+ℓ+ℓ- and B0 →k∗0ℓ+ℓ- decays, file 045853f8-40b7-4f0f-8c69-d5082efc775a 20
Measurement of the Lifetimes of Promptly Produced Ω0c and Ξ0c Baryons, file 52c4bd41-bda7-4433-a0da-af0bba87d12e 18
Momentum scale calibration of the LHCb spectrometer, file 2afe9335-78a6-4dae-b437-b67da014007d 17
Search for CP violation using (T)over-cap-odd correlations in B0 → p(p)over-barK+ π- decays, file 2d036fc7-af74-426e-b2d6-0253c485fd2f 17
First observation of the B+ → Ds+ Ds- K+ decay, file 5c4deadc-21e4-41d1-b545-97a0c0ddfe6f 17
Measurement of CP asymmetries in D+(s) → ηπ+ and D+(s) → η′π+ decays, file 11516c7d-b3a1-47a1-9dca-d0a5321ffc2d 16
Measurement of the CKM angle γ using the B ± → D * h ± channels, file 0d003e09-c660-400a-a39c-6ab536c8f89b 15
Model-independent measurement of charm mixing parameters in B → D0(→ K0Sπ+π- )μ-νμX decays, file 380bea9f-25d7-45f3-90d2-e221fbf749f8 15
Observation of New ωc0 States Decaying to the Ξc+ K- Final State, file 4b4c62b2-9e96-4473-90cd-11f76d389257 15
Measurement of the Z boson production cross-section in proton-lead collisions at √sNN = 8.16 TeV, file ca769993-f9dc-488b-ae10-237730aa2cdb 15
Λc+ polarimetry using the dominant hadronic mode, file 056288cc-51b2-4e8b-ab97-c50ae843e86c 14
Observation of the B0s → D*+ D*- decay, file 0a60700e-36d2-4f03-af76-deac86b79688 14
Search for the lepton-flavour violating decays B0→ K*0μ±e∓ and Bs0→ φμ±e∓, file 246c40ee-4ffc-44ff-a0ac-1d9a1a57fbcd 14
Measurement of the Prompt D0 Nuclear Modification Factor in p-Pb Collisions at √sNN =8.16 TeV, file 4f24b745-ecf6-4074-9436-d34d46503509 14
Measurement of the CKM angle γ with B± → D[K∓π±π±π∓]h± decays using a binned phase-space approach, file 58b8c455-ce01-4f91-bef3-66c64a4851ab 14
Measurement of the Λb0 → Λ (1520)μ+μ- Differential Branching Fraction, file 75e24f7f-095a-4aec-a349-4dd6a982aabf 14
Measurement of CP asymmetries and branching fraction ratios of B- decays to two charm mesons, file a18185b5-ddbf-468b-bf44-d45dc099f315 14
Search for the doubly heavy baryon Ξbc+ decaying to J/ψΞc+, file cb2aaab5-4364-4f35-83c1-9a9e39b4bc56 14
Observation of a Resonant Structure near the Ds+ Ds- Threshold in the B+ → Ds+ Ds- K+ Decay, file 0a94c872-821f-4010-a578-a5a3b16b5cd9 13
Study of the B- → Λc+ Λ ¯ c- K- decay, file 102a8a05-96b4-4cdb-9d8b-834b6f27c00f 13
Nuclear Modification Factor of Neutral Pions in the Forward and Backward Regions in p-Pb Collisions, file 18f7e74a-a052-4a0c-9708-04f3ce3055f6 13
A study of CP violation in the decays B±→[K+K-π+π-]Dh± (h= K, π) and B±→[π+π-π+π-]Dh±, file 33ab7467-1d37-433f-8de0-6bdc2fdbb4a2 13
Search for the rare hadronic decay Bs0 →p p ¯, file 3e779def-4446-480e-8bb6-720b1d89051e 13
Amplitude analysis of the D+s → π-π+π+ decay, file 55ea1e3c-5da0-4e01-9459-07b3b7fac6a8 13
Study of cold nuclear matter effects in fixed-target collisions and charged hadron identification performance at the LHCb experiment, file 6d29e117-4b1d-4acc-a3e0-3f063193f43b 13
Amplitude analysis of the D+ → π−π+π+ decay and measurement of the π−π+ S-wave amplitude, file 7a6d84d3-f925-4191-89ce-d77cf071d74b 13
Search for the Radiative Ξb− → Ξ− γ Decay, file 9822b1ff-9235-4e11-b389-3b17c64c7cae 13
Measurement of the Photon Polarization in Λb0 → Λ γ Decays, file a59adecb-6c96-48ac-85cd-3ef1fb116150 13
Search for Massive Long-Lived Particles Decaying Semileptonically at √s = 13 TeV, file c9c091bb-2d68-4c45-82ec-831eae67528d 13
Measurement of τL using the Bs0 →J/ψη decay mode, file 1c109278-4a3a-406a-a20f-474fff83010e 12
Search for CP violation in D(s)+ → K − K + K + decays, file 26fd6ce5-b2f7-422f-a3b6-2679165d83f8 12
Measurement of the Ratios of Branching Fractions R (D∗) and R (D0), file 2ed6abd5-2d81-4b51-b592-67f3bea6031b 12
Study of charmonium decays to K S0 Kπ in the B → (K S0 Kπ)K channels, file 37105e57-5a1d-47c8-b753-167b7cce0046 12
Test of Lepton Universality in b →sℓ+ℓ- Decays, file 8cf5e523-6d1d-4dbe-808f-89add8d11754 12
Direct CP violation in charmless three-body decays of B± mesons, file 9a421023-dfa6-4872-a601-1f24a178f832 12
Study of Z Bosons Produced in Association with Charm in the Forward Region, file 9b624c41-81d4-4635-bd5a-efdabf17efe9 12
Observation of Λb0 → D+ p π− π− and Λb0 → D*+ p π− π− Decays, file c0a3332f-a45d-4031-a241-5351b0835f74 12
Measurement of Υ production in pp collisions at √s = 5 TeV, file da86b038-db41-4822-8e63-51d35891b153 12
First observation and branching fraction measurement of the Λb0 → Ds- p decay, file f9a9ed8d-ee84-434b-8759-265153df807a 12
Observation of a J/ψ Λ Resonance Consistent with a Strange Pentaquark Candidate in B- →j/ψ Λ p ¯ Decays, file fb8e817f-344f-4d2b-bbc3-00945f64521a 12
Measurement of the charm mixing parameter yCP − y_CP^Kπ Using Two-Body D0 Meson Decays, file 0d1c9581-2aa3-4426-86f4-6ac6e90354c4 11
Measurement of the mass difference and relative production rate of the Ωb- and Ξb- baryons, file 1619feaf-53c1-431c-b756-f61589785ea5 11
Observation of an Exotic Narrow Doubly Charmed Tetraquark, file 407aa7ff-9b0a-4f23-bbda-3f2a4ec72aa8 11
Search for KS(L)0→μ+μ−μ+μ− decays at LHCb, file 410c5310-2930-48b7-b438-85491f8310b5 11
Observation of the decays B(s)0 → Ds1(2536)∓ K ±, file 6e5164e8-462e-4157-8e9c-27620cd4c689 11
Erratum to: Observation of the B+ → Jψη′K+ decay, file 7e2eb6ec-f4e9-406d-a203-fdf4f0c46b5f 11
Observation of the B + → Jψη′K + decay, file 843726e3-0ade-464e-8a71-2346dbe5f613 11
Associated production of prompt J/ψ and Υ mesons in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV, file c8b918b5-c161-46da-ad43-712263046144 11
Observation of New Baryons in the Ξb- π+π- and Ξb0 π+π- Systems, file d104ee9b-89a4-4506-a31a-7e6eaefee1bc 11
Observation of the B0 → (D)over-bar*0K+ π- and Bs0 → (D)over-bar*0K-π+ decays, file d5ed586a-ff79-4386-8967-05b2bd0b0e7a 11
Precision Measurement of CP Violation in the Penguin-Mediated Decay Bs0 →φφ, file e26a35e3-14e0-4a57-9a67-0fe9fddd8c1f 11
Charmonium production in pNe collisions at √sNN=68.5 GeV, file ea6b83fd-de52-412d-95c8-153a5148e7b3 11
Measurement of the Λc+ to D0 production ratio in periphera PbPb collisions at √sNN=5.02 TeV, file fab0fbf4-93ce-4ef1-a386-a4af48a31c4c 11
Study of the Bose-Einstein correlations of same-sign pions in proton-lead collisions, file 04ea79fa-f090-4d02-8162-c2a2af36efee 10
Observation of sizeable ω contribution to χc1 (3872) →π+π-J/ψ decays, file 0d452d09-c5bd-45d3-aea9-b3cc3b519693 10
Evidence of a J/ψ KS0 Structure in B0 →j/ψφ KS0 Decays, file 240112ef-ea16-4cc1-9427-2be8844e0f9d 10
Observation of Two New Excited Ξb0 States Decaying to Λb0 K− π+, file 27783e6c-62ea-4b12-9f10-114e48f655b1 10
Study of exclusive photoproduction of charmonium in ultra-peripheral lead-lead collisions, file 2cbc9fa5-596a-4ee9-8977-2fa986b59434 10
Measurement of CP Violation in B0 →ψ (→ℓ+ℓ-) KS0 (→π+π-) Decays, file 79353599-bd50-4395-8a65-744fdd7507ac 10
Search for direct CP violation in charged charmless B →PV decays, file a97fb47e-3570-43e3-8469-3bd106f519a7 10
Observation of the Decay Λb0 → Λc+ τ-(ν)over-barτ, file d01192d7-0d11-4360-b49f-cb8ee8d15ce0 10
Search for the Decay B0 → ϕ μ+ μ−, file d347cb47-ac8b-4493-91fd-fa49b8dad3a8 10
Evidence for Modification of b Quark Hadronization in High-Multiplicity pp Collisions at s =13 TeV, file db3c6023-dfa1-4d33-9124-f46ffe44feab 10
Tests of Lepton Universality Using B0 → K0S ℓ+ ℓ− and B+ → K*+ ℓ+ ℓ− Decays, file 1218b8c6-a8ee-4930-b9a6-72db92298361 9
Multidifferential study of identified charged hadron distributions in Z-tagged jets in proton-proton collisions at vs=13 TeV, file 14a6ae1c-3432-4047-82ed-a8b9070b2a6b 9
Measurement of the Branching Fractions B(B0 → p(p)over-barp(p)over-bar) and B(Bs0 → p(p)over-barp(p)over-bar), file 381e4762-62fc-4003-9946-dafc1eea51f9 9
First Observation of a Doubly Charged Tetraquark and Its Neutral Partner, file 3d805ed8-0ed7-4485-bcf9-42a7598f8e4d 9
Measurement of the W Boson Mass, file 4ee48193-d366-4042-86c1-d29c76dd17f3 9
Precision Measurement of Forward Z Boson Production in Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 13 TeV, file 9828c084-a272-421b-89ae-420efc96b9c8 9
Open charm production and asymmetry in pNe collisions at √sNN=68.5GeV, file aa9a2352-1616-4b00-977c-56b3048f6feb 9
Study of Bc+ Decays to Charmonia and Three Light Hadrons, file c835c457-f515-4efc-87d3-77d42bb41b7f 9
Enhanced Production of Λb0 Baryons in High-Multiplicity pp Collisions at s =13 TeV, file 0a7f60b7-b4df-424f-81de-f301c2e80a37 8
Search for the baryon- and lepton-number violating decays B0 →pμ- and Bs0 →pμ, file 0c4b6c7e-3b3e-434a-98f7-aa994c30c31c 8
Evidence for a New Structure in the J/ψp and J/ψ(p)over-bar Systems in Bs0 → J/ψp(p)over-bar Decays, file 0f184b58-4ce7-456f-99f8-d40d5b8cc858 8
Searches for rare Bs0 and B 0 decays into four muons, file 14ac29f0-76c9-44b7-b09f-fa8f5cc719f2 8
Erratum to: Open charm production and asymmetry in pNe collisions at (Formula presented.) (The European Physical Journal C, (2023), 83, 6, (541), 10.1140/epjc/s10052-023-11641-5), file 8638f5e7-0f39-4ff7-baa5-0251a4250e71 8
J/ ψ and D0 production in √sNN=68.5GeV PbNe collisions, file 980e538c-5856-4397-a497-6afe14fb3051 8
Measurement of prompt D + and Ds+ production in pPb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV, file a029e4f9-c80a-4718-bbbc-31db90819d8d 8
Observation of the Doubly Charmed Baryon Decay Ξcc++ → Ξc′+ π+, file eafba3c6-4ff2-4602-a356-ae78e5bbda6b 8
Search for the lepton-flavour violating decays B0 → K*0τ±μ∓, file 018e0394-14b7-4227-85a0-49d08c6d8dc8 7
Observation and branching fraction measurement of the decay Ξb- → Λ0 bπ -, file 0192fcc3-a9de-4ccc-bed2-b38662d9d3b7 7
Measurement of χc1(3872) Production in Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 8 and 13 TeV, file 15ed9e5d-d769-48c1-a17a-a71c1a9b483f 7
Amplitude analysis of the Λc+ →pK-π+ decay and Λc+ baryon polarization measurement in semileptonic beauty hadron decays, file 15fc770a-581e-4fb7-8691-3db076ac77e5 7
Identification of Charm Jets at LHCb, file 2081b7d7-90ed-4d38-a972-b968bf8d9237 7
Helium identification with LHCb, file 218f4284-73be-4dd0-8b78-e77cd5f3bba8 7
Measurement of antiproton production from antihyperon decays in pHe collisions at √sNN=110GeV, file 466d9951-d6e6-4a56-91de-ac25a5e61bd1 7
Study of Bc+ meson decays to charmonia plus multihadron final states, file 70b58325-48ca-475f-858b-87d34db964db 7
Constraints on the CKM Angle γ from B± → D h± Decays Using D → h± h′∓ π0 Final States, file 9191595e-5bf5-4200-8dff-0158b58676c1 7
Erratum to: A study of CP violation in the decays B±→[K+K−π+π−]Dh±(h = K,π) and B±→[π+π−π+π−]Dh± (The European Physical Journal C, (2023), 83, 6, (547), 10.1140/epjc/s10052-023-11560-5), file ba07d742-4994-4669-b7a8-c45afa408132 7
Angular Analysis of D0 → x plus x-μ plus μ- and D0 → K plus K-μ plus μ- Decays and Search for CP Violation, file 2013e869-22a0-433f-bba2-b17cb744e6a6 6
Observation of the B0s → χc1(3872)π+π- decay, file 433aa01d-30d0-4944-9501-665a6ce4421d 6
Study of the Doubly Charmed Tetraquark Tcc+, file 4c223279-473f-466c-a556-f3507484c5a4 6
Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions B(Bc+→Bs0π+)/B(Bc+→J/ψπ+), file 7a57a907-aa4c-4e69-b111-a288f6c21942 6
Search for CP violation in the phase space of D0 → π −π+π0 decays with the energy test, file e849abc5-43c2-4e1d-9148-b8ce75f03bad 6
Improved Measurement of CP Violation Parameters in Bs0 →j/ψK+K- Decays in the Vicinity of the φ (1020) Resonance, file 1cc0c549-fd61-4707-8b5a-96a32b5f24a8 5
Evidence for the decays B0 → (D)over-bar(*)0φ and updated measurements of the branching fractions of the Bs0 → (D)over-bar(*)0φ decays, file 29ae3816-a727-419e-877c-34a575031536 5
Search for Rare Decays of D0 Mesons into Two Muons, file 7a538da3-0d2f-4b73-94af-798795e46b5d 5
Observation of Cabibbo-Suppressed Two-Body Hadronic Decays and Precision Mass Measurement of the ωc0 Baryon, file d6900439-bdaf-485d-aa47-f916b3c0df71 5
Study of Charmonium and Charmonium-Like Contributions in B+ → J/ψ η K+ Decays, file e738eda8-c948-4675-88c7-25095a902d76 5
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