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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Sedimentation Rates: Anthropogenic Impacts and Environmental Changes in Transitional Water Systems 2022 Sfriso, A.; Buosi, A.; Juhmani, A. -S.; Tomio, Y.; Mistri, M.; Munari, C.; Sfriso, A.
A Short-Term Water Demand Forecasting Model Using a Moving Window on Previously Observed Data 2017 Pacchin, Elena; Alvisi, Stefano; Franchini, Marco
Structural and functional variations of the macrobenthic community of the adige basin along the river continuum 2021 Gaglio, M.; Aschonitis, V.; Muresan, A. N.; Vincenzi, F.; Castaldelli, G.; Fano, E. A.
Surface Water and Groundwater Quality in South Africa and Mozambique—Analysis of the Most Critical Pollutants for Drinking Purposes and Challenges in Water Treatment Selection 2020 Verlicchi, Paola; Grillini, Vittoria
SWOT-SOR Analysis of Activated Carbon-Based Technologies and O3/UV Process as Polishing Treatments for Hospital Effluent 2022 Grillini, Vittoria; Verlicchi, Paola; Zanni, Giacomo
Thixotropic behavior of reconstituted debris-flow mixture 2021 Schippa, L.; Doghieri, F.; Pellegrino, A. M.; Pavesi, E.
Trends of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Surface Sediments of the Lagoons of the Northern Adriatic Sea 2021 Sfriso, A.; Buosi, A.; Tomio, Y.; Juhmani, A. -S.; Mistri, M.; Munari, C.; Sfriso, A. A.
An Underestimated Contribution of Deltaic Denitrification in Reducing Nitrate Export to the Coastal Zone (Po River–Adriatic Sea, Northern Italy) 2022 Gervasio, Maria Pia; Soana, Elisa; Vincenzi, Fabio; Castaldelli, Giuseppe
Urban water management: A pragmatic approach 2020 Brunone, B.; Franchini, M.
Willingness to pay for recreational benefit evaluation in a wastewater reuse project. Analysis of a case study 2018 Verlicchi, P.; AL AUkidy, M.; Zanni, G.
Yield stress model for natural debris flows in presence of fine and coarse–grained sediments 2021 Schippa, L.
Zootechnical Farm Wastewaters in Ecuador: A Treatment Proposal and Cost-benefit Analysis 2019 Verlicchi, Paola; Sacoto, Estefania C. Avilés; Zanni, Giacomo
Mostrati risultati da 53 a 64 di 64
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