Opportunities in tangible and intangible authentic values in one hand and disruptive threats, on the other, stand on the ultimate level in the Bisotun Cultural Landscape. Research has discoursed that during the last fifty years, the natural-cultural integrity of the site has lost its coherence and connections under the pressing development issues. This study aims to determine how entwined layers of a Narrative Cultural Landscape can be revitalized through comprehensive multi-criteria planning. Three critical questions of this research figure out in Theoretical, Strategical, and Practical Inquiries. Firstly, regarding the different doctrine about the meaning of culture in the Persian language, delving back on several definitions for the cultural landscape term and asks: How can the abstract concept of culture by Persian terminological analysis of this word, define the novel interpretation of the cultural landscape term, which can open new entries in landscape communal values revival? Secondly, to diagnose a holistic, efficient revitalization strategy, it asks How can acupunctural strategy be applied in breathing new life into the Bisotun NCL structures? Finally, based on the innovative technology achievements in the recuperation of the immaterial layers of NCLs, it asks: How can new technologies involve in revitalizing the narrative layers of Bisotun NCL? In this context, what is considered as Cultural Landscape in this research is a hybrid collection of (I) Natural landscapes, (II) Tangible continuous historical remains, and (III) Literary grand narratives interlocked with the context perpetually. The literature genres hidden in Bisotun NCL are a “gold thread” in the creative reading of this landscape. Investigating and understanding the literary narratives on the one hand cause to explore the clues in recovery the physical layers of CL that are disrupted, and on the other hand, in this changing world, the literature layer bound to the landscape should keep alive and valorized as authentic intangible values. The role of technology in revitalizing the intangible values of the cultural landscape has also been studied meticulously in this research. Several good practices analyzed to point out the practical recommendations in applying technologies in virtual refurbishing the ruined architecture structures and revitalize the hidden layers of the landscape. The descriptive-analytic method has applied to codify the principles of revitalization. By collecting data and creating knowledge, quantitative research methods supported and scrupulous literature review followed up. Qualitative method detecting field survey encompasses a detailed description of fieldwork (including the content of opportunities and threats), in-depth field observations, interviews, and filling the questionnaires involving local communities applied to the case study site. The profound research about Bisotun heritage landscape layers has carried out in three zones Natural, Historical, and Narrative. This research applied mixed methodologies as considering the interdisciplinary content of the fields related to the subject.

Future Narrative Cultural Landscape (NCL): Acupunctural Strategies in Innovative Multi-Criteria NCL Revitalization Case study: Bisotun Epic- Romantic Cultural Heritage, Kermanshah, Iran



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