Industry Waste material, landfill, environmental damage, engineering measures.

Mining Industry and Engineering Measures for Minimizing Environmental Damages

Ilda Rusi


Industry Waste material, landfill, environmental damage, engineering measures.
The use of numerous mineral assets was one of the main economic branches developed in our country for the past 30 years. Near at numerous mines all over Albania, mineral enrichment plants and landfills were built to create a waste treatment plant for the deposition of the enrichment industry waste. At the same time, in these areas were created many new residential houses creating the so called "Dormitory Cities" for miners and their families. The mining industry has been very profitable, given the fact that it had supplied heavy industry with raw materials and also provided a huge export of different minerals abroad. Meanwhile, the impact on the environment was relatively high and continues to be so in nowadays. Mineral batch, mining waters, mineral mining near the ground surface had caused damages such as groundwater and surface contamination, soil contamination with heavy metals, damage to flora and fauna, landslide pollution, etc. With careful monitoring, with engineering measures to purge the territory from minerals, by depositing them in a suitable location, with biochemical methods, we can minimize these phenomena. Surface water conditioning in concrete-coated channels and coating of galleries of the same material are some other rehabilitation measures. Also protective measures to cover landfills with a vegetative layer and a continuous monitoring process of the drainage and filtration system, as well as the protection of the landfill slope from erosion with geo synthetic, would protect the environment from hazardous contamination.
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