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Testing Hypotheses On Processes Of Genetic And Linguistic Change In The Caucasus 1994 Barbujani, Guido; G. N., Whitehead; Bertorelle, Giorgio; I. S., Nasidze
The Number Of Segregating Sites In Expanding Human-Populations, With Implications For Estimates Of Demographic Parameters 1995 Bertorelle, Giorgio; M., Slatkin
Analysis Of Dna Diversity By Spatial Autocorrelation 1995 Bertorelle, Giorgio; Barbujani, Guido
Winter fattening strategies of two passerine species: environmental and social influences 1995 A., Pilastro; Bertorelle, Giorgio; G., Marin
Geographical structuring in the mtDNA of Italians 1995 Barbujani, Guido; Bertorelle, Giorgio; Capitani, G.; Scozzari, R.
Do Basque- and Caucasian-speaking populations share non-Indo-European ancestors? 1995 Bertorelle, Giorgio; Bertranpetit, J.; Calafell, F.; Nasidze, I.; Barbujani, Guido
A new estimator of population admixture based on molecular data 1996 Bertorelle, Giorgio; Excoffier, L.
AIDA: Geographical patterns of DNA diversity investigated by autocorrelation analysis 1996 Barbujani, Guido; Bertorelle, Giorgio
High mitochondrial sequence diversity in linguistic isolates of the Alps 1996 M., Stenico; L., Nigro; Bertorelle, Giorgio; F., Calafell; M., Capitanio; C., Corrain; Barbujani,... Guido
Linkage disequilibrium between the four most common cystic fibrosis mutations and microsatellite haplotypes in the Celtic population of Brittany 1996 M., Debraekeleer; A., Chaventre; Bertorelle, Giorgio; C., Verlingue; O., Raguenes; B., Mercier; C...., Ferec
Geographic homogeneity and non-equilibrium patterns of mtDNA sequences in Tuscany, Italy 1996 Bertorelle, Giorgio; F., Calafell; P., Francalacci; J., Bertranpetit; Barbujani, Guido
Computer simulation suggests that the spatial distribution of males influences female visiting behaviour in the river bullhead 1997 Bertorelle, Giorgio; A., Bisazza; A., Marconato
Expected effects of mass screening policies on the frequency of cystic fibrosis homozygotes 1997 Bertorelle, Giorgio; Barbujani, Guido
Evidence for Palaeolithic and Neolithic gene flow in Europe 1998 Barbujani, Guido; Bertorelle, Giorgio; Chikhi, Lounas
Using rare mutations to estimate population divergence times: A maximum likelihood approach 1998 Bertorelle, Giorgio; B., Rannala
Clines of nuclear DNA markers suggest a largely neolithic ancestry of the European gene pool 1998 L., Chikhi; G., Destro Bisol; Bertorelle, Giorgio; V., Pascali; Barbujani, Guido
Inferring admixture proportions from molecular data 1998 Bertorelle, Giorgio; L., Excoffier
DNA fingerprinting data and the analysis of population genetic structure by comparing band-sharing patterns 1999 Bertorelle, Giorgio; L., Bucchini; A., Pilastro; C., Matessi
Inferring admixture proportions from molecular data: Extension to any number of parental populations 2001 Dupanloup, Isabelle; Bertorelle, Giorgio
DNA diversity and population admixture in Anatolia 2001 G., Di Benedetto; A., Erguven; M., Stenico; L., Castri; Bertorelle, Giorgio; I., Togan; Barbujani..., Guido
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 120
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