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Geochemical features of distinct depositional facies in coastal/deltaic setting of the Padanian plain (Northern Italy): insights on carbon dynamics and selective metal accumulation 2018 Natali, C.; Bianchini, G.; Vittori Antisari, L.; Marzano, N.; Salani, GIAN MARCO; Tessari, U. file con accesso da definire
Chemical characterisation of construction and demolition waste in Skopje city and its surroundings (Republic of Macedonia) 2020 Bianchini, G.; Ristovski, I.; Milcov, I.; Zupac, A.; Natali, C.; Salani, G. M.; Marchina, C.; Bro...mbin, V.; Ferraboschi, A.
Soil carbon Investigation in three pedoclimatic and agronomic settings of Northern Italy 2020 Brombin, V.; Mistri, E.; De Feudis, M.; Forti, C.; Salani, G. M.; Natali, C.; Falsone, G.; Vittor...i Antisari, L.; Bianchini, G.
Origin of fluoride and arsenic in the Main Ethiopian Rift waters 2020 Bianchini, G.; Brombin, V.; Marchina, C; Natali, C.; Godebo, T. R.; Rasini, A.; Salani, G. M.
Ag-exchanged FAU-type zeolite for the removal of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water: a combined in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis/isotope ratio mass spectrometry study 2021 Mancinelli, M.; Gigli, L.; Ardit, M.; Plaisier, J. R.; Bianchini, G.; Salani, G.; Martucci, Annalisa file con accesso da definire
Traceability and authentication of manila clams from north-western adriatic lagoons using C and N stable isotope analysis 2021 Bianchini, G.; Brombin, V.; Carlino, P.; Mistri, E.; Natali, C.; Salani, G. M.
Peat Soil Burning in the Mezzano Lowland (Po Plain, Italy): Triggering Mechanisms and Environmental Consequences 2021 Natali, C.; Bianchini, G.; Cremonini, S.; Salani, G. M.; Vianello, G.; Brombin, V.; Ferrari, M.; ...Vittori Antisari, L.
Carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur isotope analysis of the Padanian Plain sediments: Backgrounds and provenance indication of the alluvial components 2021 Salani, G. M.; Brombin, V.; Natali, C.; Bianchini, G.
Late Glacial and Holocene buried black soils in Emilia (northern Italy): genetic and paleoenvironmental insights 2022 Bianchini, G.; Accorsi, C. A.; Cremonini, S.; De Feudis, M.; Forlani, L.; Salani, G. M.; Vianello..., G.; Vittori Antisari, L. file con accesso da definire
High temperature behaviour of Ag-exchanged Y zeolites used for PFAS sequestration from water 2023 Mancinelli, Maura; Martucci, Annalisa; Salani, Gian Marco; Bianchini, Gianluca; Gigli, Lara; Plai...sier, Jasper Rikkert; Colombo, Francesco file con accesso da definire
Geochemical investigation of the soil organic carbon and evaluation of its depletion: the case study of Ferrara province (Northern Italy) 2023 Salani, GIAN MARCO
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