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Synergistic use of multiple on-chip networks for ultra-low latency and scalable distributed routing reconfiguration 2015 Balboni, M.; Flich, J.; Bertozzi, D.
Augmenting manycore programmable accelerators with photonic interconnect technology for the high-end embedded computing domain 2015 Balboni, Marco; Ortín Obón, Marta; Capotondi, Alessandro; TATENGUEM FANKEM, Herve'; Ghiribaldi, A...lberto; Ramini, Luca; Viñals, Víctor; Marongiu, Andrea; Bertozzi, Davide
NoC-centric partitioning and reconfiguration technologies for the efficient sharing of multi-core programmable accelerators 2015 Bertozzi, Davide; Balboni, Marco file con accesso da definire
Partitioning Strategies of Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks-on-Chip for Laser Power Minimization 2015 Marta, Ortin; Ramini, Luca; Balboni, Marco; Zuolo, Lorenzo; Nonato, Maddalena; Victor, Vinals; Be...rtozzi, Davide
NoC-Centric Partitionin and Reconfiguration Technology for the Efficient Sharing of General-Purose Prorammable Many-core Accelerators 2016 Balboni, Marco
Populating and exploring the design space of wavelength-routed optical network-on-chip topologies by leveraging the add-drop filtering primitive 2016 Tala, Mahdi; Castellari, Marco; Balboni, Marco; Bertozzi, Davide file con accesso da definire
Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary Interconnect Technologies for Future Low-Power Multi-Core Systems 2016 Miorandi, G; Tala, M; Balboni, M; Ramini, L; Bertozzi, D
Design automation beyond its electronic roots: toward a synthesis mothodology for wavelength-routed optical networks-on-chip 2017 Otìn-Obon, M.; Peano, A.; Tala, M.; Balboni, M.; Ramini, L.; Nonato, M.; Vinals-Yufera, V.; Berto...zzi, D. file con accesso da definire
Accurate Assessment of Bundled-Data Asynchronous NoCs Enabled by a Predictable and Efficient Hierarchical Synthesis Flow 2017 Bertozzi, Davide; Miorandi, Gabriele; Balboni, Marco; Nowick, Steve M. file con accesso da definire
Transparent Lifetime Built-In Self-Testing of Networks-on-Chip Through the Selective Non-Concurrent Testing of their Communication Channels 2017 Bertozzi, Davide; Balboni, Marco file con accesso da definire
Concurrent network-on-chip lifetime testing through selective disconnection of its communication channels 2017 Bertozzi, D.; Balboni, M. file con accesso da definire
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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