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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Artisan as a Maker or Artisan as a not Recognized Co-designer? 2020 Trivellin, E; Tufarelli, M; Terenzi, B; Cianfanelli, E; Goretti, G
Collaborative quality function deployment. A methodology for enabling co-design research practice 2020 Mincolelli, G.; Imbesi, S.; Zallio, M.
Corpus Linguistic Analysis: How Far Can We Go? 2018 Chapman, Richard
Design of smart devices for older people: A user centered approach for the collection of users’ needs 2020 Imbesi, S.; Mincolelli, G.
Envisioning the Future and Going Back: A Human-Centered Strategy to Develop the Styling of a Sports Car 2020 Giacobone, G. A.; Mincolelli, G.
Ergonomics Principles for the Design of an Assembly Workstation for Left-Handed and Right-Handed Users 2020 Botti, Lucia; Caporale, Alice; Coccagna, Maddalena; Mora, Cristina
Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control for Avionic Systems 2021 Simani, Silvio; Castaldi, Paolo; Farsoni, Saverio
Fuzzy control techniques for energy conversion systems 2020 Simani, Silvio; Alvisi, Stefano; Venturini, Mauro
How to Enhance Aging People’s Wellness by Means of Human Centered and Co-design Methodology 2021 Imbesi, S.; Mincolelli, G.; Petrocchi, F. file con accesso da definire
How to turn yourself into a virtual travel companion in someone else’s car: Drawing design approaches from the philosophy of mind 2020 Boffi, L.
Human Centered Design Methodologies Applied to Complex Research Projects: First Results of the PLEINAIR Project 2020 Mincolelli, G.; Giacobone, G. A.; Imbesi, S.; Marchi, Michele
Human centered methodologies for the development of multidisciplinary design research in the field of IOT systems: Project habitat and pleinair 2020 Mincolelli, G.; Imbesi, S.; Giacobone, G. A.; Marchi, M.
Human-centered design and quality function deployment: Understanding needs on a multidisciplinary automotive research 2020 Giacobone, G. A.; Mincolelli, G.
Human-centered design for automotive styling design: Conceptualizing a car from QFD to ViP 2020 Giacobone, G. A.; Mincolelli, G.
Inclusive Design of Wearable Smart Objects for Older Users: Design Principles for Combining Technical Constraints and Human Factors 2019 Mincolelli, Giuseppe; Marchi, Michele; Chiari, Lorenzo; Costanzo, Alessandra; Borelli, Elena; Mel...lone, Sabato; Masotti, Diego; Paolini, Giacomo; Imbesi, Silvia
Internet of Things and Elderly: Quantitative and Qualitative Benchmarking of Smart Objects 2019 Mincolelli, Giuseppe; Imbesi, Silvia; Giacobone, GIAN ANDREA; Marchi, Michele
Issues of Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control for Aerospace Systems 2015 Simani, Silvio file con accesso da definire
Italian Manufacture Between Technological and Social Innovation 2019 Cianfanelli, Elisabetta; Trivellin, Eleonora; Marseglia, Marco; Tufarelli, Margherita
Knowledge Building Processes Between Interaction and Collaboration. Cognitive Fields and Learning Processes 2021 Poletti, Giorgio; Gramigna, Anita; Righetti, Marco
Monitoring older people: An overview of devices responding to significant needs of elderly affected by parkinson’s disease 2020 Imbesi, S.; Mincolelli, G.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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